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You can deliver course files and videos to Canvas using Box's Embed Widget, Share Link, and Direct Link features.

Embed Content

Share Links

Direct Links

Benefits of embedding content from Box into Canvas

  • Course files and videos are delivered from a single, centralized access point
  • Version control is maintained because there is a single source of content
  • Updates made to the content in Box are automatically updated in Canvas
  • Using the embed code allows students to view the content directly in Canvas

How to embed course files and videos into Canvas, from Box

1. In Box, go to the course file or video.
2. Locate the embed widget for the file or video.
Go to ••• > More Actions > Embed Widget 
Locate box file embed code
3. Adjust the size setting of the embed code for the file or video. 
For Files, set size to Custom. Set Width: 1200 and Height: 900
For Videos, set size to Large. Use the default Width: 800 and Height: 550
embed course file or video
4. Copy the embed code for the file or video. 
copy embed widget code
5. In Canvas, create a new page in the appropriate content Module. 
6. Within the new page, switch to HTML Editor mode.
html editor within canvas page
7. Paste the embed code into the editor.
8. Save and publish the page. 

How to embed videos into Canvas from Kaltura

  1. Click on your name in the upper right corner and select My Media
  2. From your media view, find and then click on the video you'd like to embed into Canvas
  3. Under the video and video name you will click on the option Share, and from there you will select the embed option
  4. The different settings you choose will depend on the type of course the videos are for:
    For Credit you will select Main + download video player and the size 649 x 401
    For NCPD you will select Main video player and size 649 x 401 (no download for NCPD)

  5. Once you have the appropriate settings selected, you will scroll back to the top and copy the embed code generated by Kaltura
    embed code
  6. Paste the embed code into the HTML editor in Canvas.

Benefits of Box Share Links

  • Box Share Links are useful for sharing Box folders. For example, adding a link to a folder with all of the Unit/Weekly Readings allows you to 1. Save space in the Canvas Modules layout and 2. Give you flexibility to add articles or other supplemental materials that may prove useful as just-in-time resources throughout the course. 

How to add Box Share Links to Canvas

1. Follow the steps outlined in Box - Creating Shared Links.

Benefits of Box Direct Links

  • Direct Links are useful for sharing content that will automatically download to the user's computer. For example, if sharing a template or data files that will be used or altered by the user, use a Direct Link.  

How to add Box Direct Links to Canvas

1. Follow the steps outlined in Box - Shared Link Settings to provide a Direct Download Link.

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