InterPro - Teaching Resources for Instructors - Online Course Pre-flight Checklist

In preparation for the start of an online credit course, complete the following checklist.

As soon as you have the information

Approx. 2-weeks before course start

Approx. 1-2 weeks before course start

  • Sometimes instructors want to communicate to students before the semester begins and the course site published.  This can be useful to provide students with pre-course information and announcements.  The class groups page provides an email listserv to communicate with all the students who have registered for the course. We have linked to the page for more information.

Approx. 1 business day before course start


During the first week of class

  • Add your own introduction post to the announcements or discussion forum, and review introductions posted by your students. Consider responding to each or respond to the entire class in a single note as another way of welcoming them to the class.
  • Watch the People (class list) to make sure all students have logged into the course site; contact any students who have not.
  • So you don’t have to spend your time providing tech support, remind students of how to access our technical support. The Help & Support link on the course home page provides direct access to our online support team.
  • Setup groups in Canvas course as enrollment settles. 
  • Contact our online support team if you have any questions about the course site or facilitating your online course. 

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