Program Proposal: Related Programs

Related Programs

The Related Programs field opens when the program type is Degree/Major or Certificate and is hidden when when the proposal is to suspend or discontinue. The field is disabled when the change is less than fifty percent.

Undergraduate Certificates 
If the proposal is for an undergraduate certificate program, the proposer will be prompted to select majors and certificates that cannot be earned in combination with the proposed certificate, if applicable. 

The proposer will also need to list majors that are anticipated to frequently be completed in combination with the proposed program. Evidence should be provided in the text field about how this potential combination will not increase time to degree. This will not prompt the system to send an automatic email to those programs listed. As such, a best practice would be to include those programs as a vested interest.

New Degree/Major 
If the proposal is for a new degree/major the proposer will need to provide information about related programs offered by other UW-System institutions. Please be sure to explain the extent to which the proposed program is distinct and how it overlaps with those programs identified.

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