WiscWeb - WordPress UW Theme - Migrate from Engineering - Getting Started

This document will walk you through the steps you will have to take after migrating your site into WiscWeb.


After migrating your site into WiscWeb, your menus set in the theme will likely have become unlinked. This includes your main menu, your utility menu, and any menus you linked in the footer of the site. You should not have to recreate the menus entirely, but you will need to relink them.

Follow these steps to relink your menus:
  1. From the Dashboard, choose Appearance > Menus
  2. In the Select a Menu to Edit dropdown, select your main navigation menu and click Select
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select the "Main Menu" checkbox in the Menu Settings
  4. Click the blue Save Menu button
  5. Repeat steps 2-5 for the Utility Menu, making sure to select the "Utility Menu" checkbox in the Menu Settings
  6. Follow the Footer Settings instructions below for adding back your footer menus.

Footer Settings

Like with the menus, your footer information may have gotten lost in the migration. This includes your campus address/contact info, social links, and footer menus.

Follow these steps to add back your footer settings:
  1. From the Dashboard, choose Appearance > Customize
  2. Select Footer
  3. Type in your Campus Address
  4. Add your Contact Info, as needed
  5. Add your Social Links, as needed
  6. If you had menus in your footer, choose them from the Footer Menu 1 and/or Footer Menu 2 dropdowns
  7. When finished, scroll to the top and select the blue Publish button


Users have not carried over from your old project and you will need to re-add them in WiscWeb. 

Follow the steps listed in our Adding a User to Your Site document to add your users back to your site. Reminder: we use NetIDs as usernames in WiscWeb. Their old usernames will not work in this environment unless it was a NetID. 

Off-Campus Access 

Please note that in order to login to WiscWeb from off campus, you will need to connect to WiscVPN. If you are not connected and attempt to login from off campus (or while not connected to the campus network), you will receive an error message. 

We use Palo Alto's Global Protect VPN tool for this purpose. 

Follow these steps for downloading and connecting to the Global Protect VPN client. 
  1. Download the Palo Alto VPN client using these steps
  2. Follow these instructions for connecting to the Palo Alto VPN client. Note that the portal name is uwmadison.vpn.wisc.edu and you will need to login with your NetID credentials
  3. Login to WiscWeb as usual


  • Please note that some page content may not have moved over as expected. The accuracy of the move depends on a number of factors, including: whether or not you were migrating from a UW Theme site, which version of the UW Theme you had been using, if your theme used the Page Builder option, etc. Expect to have to rebuild some content.
  • The standard UW Theme, which is what WiscWeb uses, does not allow for menus that are 3-deep. If you had 3-deep menus on your old site, the third level of content will not work in WiscWeb. We recommend using Group of Links menus (in-page) to facilitate this third level of navigation. For questions or assistance, please stop by for one of our open lab sessions.
  • If you experience any issues with adding your users to your project, check out our Troubleshooting Tips at the bottom of our Adding a User to Your Site document. 

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