PDF won't print from Adobe Acrobat: Mac

There are times when a PDF will fail to print on a Mac from Adobe Acrobat. This guide is intended to help you troubleshoot the problem.
  • Prerequisites (Assumptions)
    • • The Ricoh printer you are printing to has already been installed.
         Please click here for help installing a Ricoh printer on your Mac.

      •  You should already have a printer preset for the Ricoh printer you are using.
          Please click here for help installing a printer preset on your Mac.

  • Steps for making PDFs print from Adobe Acrobat
    • 1) Select Print from the File menu (command + P is the keyboard shortcut)

      2) Within the Print window, the drop-down menu labeled Printer at the top of the window should be set to the name of your Ricoh floor printer. (This is Omaha in our example.)
           Select printer name

      3) Click the Page Setup... button at the lower left of the window.
           In the window that appears, select the Ricoh printer you are using from the drop-down menu labeled Format For.
      Press the OK button.

    •      Format For

      4) Click on the Printer... button near the lower left of the Print window.
           In the window that appears, you should see the Ricoh printer's name in the drop-down menu item labeled Printer.
           You should also see the desired printer preset in the drop-down menu labeled Presets.
           The TRICK:  It sounds silly, but even if those drop-down menu items are correct, please click on them both to "re-verify" those selections.
                                   It works every time when your PDFs are not printing from Acrobat.
           Press the Print button.

      The silly trick

      5) Finally, press the Print button of the main Print window and your job should print to the Ricoh floor printer.

      Press Print (at last!)

      NEW!!  For more visual learners, please click on the Vimeo icon below to view a basic demonstration.

      Link to Vimeo video

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