Engage - How to Access Engage eTexts from Previous Courses [UW-Madison]

This document provides instructions to students on how to access eTexts used with the Engage platform in previous courses during their student career at UW-Madison. This only applies to eTexts, as publisher digital learning tools (DLTs) are accessed via the publisher tool and are typically no longer available once a semester concludes.

During the semester, students can access their Engage eTexts by logging into Canvas (canvas.wisc.edu), clicking on the course using the eText, and then clicking the Engage eText course navigation link as outlined in Engage - Reading eTexts on Engage [UW-Madison].

However, if the semester has ended, and the instructor has restricted access to the course, you may not be able to get to the associated eText that way. There are two ways you can access your eTexts used in previous courses:

  • Via the generic Canvas course for eText student access
  • Via a Canvas course using an eText during the current semester


Accessing eTexts via the Generic Canvas Course for eText Student Access

UW-Madison has provided the Engage eText Student Access Course to allow students to access eText materials from previous courses. (If you're already logged in, you can skip this step and continue to step 4.)

  1. Login to Canvas by launching a browser and entering this link in the URL bar: canvas.wisc.edu
  2. Access the Engage eText Student Access course by entering this link in a browser URL: canvas.wisc.edu/courses/124530

    Students can access this course at any time.

  3. If the icon below the UW-Madison logo shows a key, click it to login to Canvas:
    A screenshot showing the Canvas "Login" icon of a key with the cursor hovering over it.
  4. Click Engage eText from the course navigation menu:
    Screenshot showing the "Engage eText Student Access Course" Canvas navigation bar with the cursor over "Engage eText"
    Depending on your browser setting, you may need to click the purple Launch Unizin Engage button:
    Screenshot showing the purple "Access Unizin Engage" button with the cursor over it.
    If you have never launched Engage before, you may also need to scroll through and accept the end user license agreement. If you see the text "Oops! There was an error processing your request. Our engineers have been notified.", it is likely that you are not logged into Canvas. Double check that you are logged into Canvas as outlined in step 3.
  5. By default, you should see the SANDBOX – 101 UW-Madison Sandbox eText Course with a copy of these instructions in it:

    Screenshot showing Engage with the "UW-Madison Sandbox eText Course" displayed

  6. Select the appropriate Term of the course’s eText you want to access from the upper left corner:

    Screenshot showing the Unizin Engage Term drop-down menu opened with cursor over the "Fall 2018" term

    Engage will display the Engage eText courses you previously accessed from the term you select. Click on the appropriate eText to access it.

Accessing eTexts via a Canvas Course Using an eText During the Current Semester

If you are in a course that is using an Engage eText, you can toggle between semesters within Engage to access eTexts you’ve purchased previously: 

  1. Login to Canvas by launching a browser and entering this link in the URL bar: canvas.wisc.edu
  2. Select the Canvas course that is using an Engage eText.
  3. Select the Engage eText link in your course menu:

    Engage eText menu option as shown in Canvas course

    The link to the Engage eText tool may appear in a different location in your Canvas menu - for example, further down the list.

  4. Click the purple Launch Unizin Engage button:

    Unizin landing page with "Launch Unizin Engage" button

  5. Change the Term to the semester you purchased the eText that you’re trying to access:

    Semester selection dropdown menu

  6. Click on the eText to launch it.

If you don’t see your eText, try using the method listed above.

We do not recommend that users bookmark the Engage eText directly as it is likely you will experience the issue described in Engage - Known Issue - Engage displays error message when attempting to access eText [UW-Madison]. Instead, login to Canvas as described above to access the course and Engage via the Engage eText course menu option.

Note: A list of recommended and required hardware and software can be found here. To check on the status of Engage and the eReader, you can review Unizin’s status page or RedShelf’s.

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