WiscWeb - Editing site breadcrumbs

This document will walk users through the process of identifying and editing the breadcrumbs on their WiscWeb websites in the UW Theme.

What are breadcrumbs?

Breadcrumbs are a navigational path of links listed in the top left corner of your page. They offer the user a way to click back to related pages and to the Home page of the site.

The links in the breadcrumb navigation are separated with a forward slash ( / ) symbol.

The first link in the list should always be "Home." Subsequent links are listed in hierarchical order based on parent/child relationships.


Text on a page which depicts the breadcrumb link structure in the UW Theme

In this example, the "Training Videos" page is a child page of "WiscWeb Training."

Setting options for breadcrumbs

You have two setting options for breadcrumbs in the UW Theme: on or off.

To toggle the breadcrumbs off or on, please follow these steps:

  1. Login to your WiscWeb project
  2. Hover over Appearance in the Dashboard and choose Customize

    Appearance menu in the UW Theme

  3. Click on the Breadcrumbs option

    Breadcrumbs link in the Customizer in the UW Theme

  4. Toggle the checkbox that says "Use breadcrumbs on this site"

    Breadcrumbs toggle button in the UW Theme

  5. Make sure to click the Publish button to commit the changes.

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