Academic Staff Assembly Agenda 12-10-18

Academic Staff Assembly Meeting
Monday, December 10, 2018
3:30 to 4:55 p.m.
272 Bascom Hall


3:30    Call To Order: Sarah Mangelsdorf, Provost

3:31    Automatic Consent Business
    Approval of the Academic Staff Assembly minutes of Monday, November 12, 2018

3:32    Guest: Patrick Sheehan, Director, Talent Acquisition and Retention, Office of Human Resources (Revisions to Recruitment, Assessment and Selection Policy (3.01) and Draft Personnel Files Policy regarding Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment Investigations and Findings)

3:46    Guest: Heather Daniels, Secretary of the Academic Staff, Committee Tracker Demo

3:56    Guest: Dorothea Salo, co-chair, Personnel Policies and Procedures Committee (Committee overview)

4:06    Reports/Updates
Note: The ASEC and Assembly Standing Committee chairs are available at this time
to report and answer questions concerning current committee activities.
-    ASEC –Kevin Niemi
-    Academic Staff Professionals Representation Organization (ASPRO) – Jenny Dahlberg
-    Assembly Standing Committee Annual Reports 2017-18 (ASA #695)

4:21    Business
Resolution to Approve Candidate Eligibility for Transitioning UW-Extension Academic Staff – For Vote (ASA #696)
Academic Staff Executive Committee Member – For Vote (ASA #697)
Cancel January Assembly Meeting – For Vote

4:41    Provost Report

4:55    Adjourn
Current Assembly Standing Committees and Chairs
-    Academic Staff Executive Committee – Kevin Niemi/Mallory Musolf
-    Communications Committee – Matthew Call
-    Compensation and Economic Benefits Committee (CEBC) –Carol Van Hulle
-    Districting and Representation Committee (DRC) – Ian Benton/Gene Masters
-    Mentoring Committee – Ed Elder/Chris Logterman
-    Nominating Committee –Alissa Oleck/Dan Barnish/Karyn Matchey
-    Personnel Policies and Procedures Committee (PPPC) –Dorothea Salo/Pam Garcia-Rivera
-    Professional Development and Recognition Committee (PDRC) –Martha Reck
-    Ad Hoc Committee on Title and Total Compensation Academic Staff Communications-Ron Harris/Heather McFadden

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