Learn@UW/D2L - Document Content Deleted Using the HTML Editor

Under some circumstances, a document's content can be deleted using the Learn@UW HTML editor.

This may occur if the document contains bad HTML code: especially, misplaced <HTML> or <BODY> tags.

To prevent this from occurring:

  1. Check Browser Version.

    It is highly recommended to only use supported browsers when editing documents in the HTML editor. For a list, refer to [Link for document 3210 is unavailable at this time.].

  2. Edit the HTML Source with Care.

    If you edit the HTML source of a document, do so with care to make sure the document is well formed.

  3. Copy and Paste from Another Application with Care

    If you want to copy plain text from another application into the HTML editor, use  'Paste as Plain Text' instead of ordinary 'Paste'. To copy text along with basic formatting from a Word document, use 'Paste from Word'. If you use ordinary 'Paste', there is a small chance that formatting codes could be copied into the HTML editor that could cause content to be deleted.

  4. Check Course Content Not Composed with the HTML Editor.

    If you create Course Content files outside of your course and later upload them to your course, make sure the document is well formed. If it contains bad HTML tags to begin with, editing the document with the HTML editor could cause document content to be deleted.

In summary, it is safest to edit documents that were originally created with the HTML editor, did not have their HTML source edited, or text copied from another application using the ordinary 'Paste' icon. It is riskiest to edit documents that were originally uploaded into course files, unless they have been checked to ensure they are valid HTML files.

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