Webex App - How to Create a Whiteboard

Sometimes a quick sketch explains an idea better than words. In Webex you can create a whiteboard and draw on it to share your ideas. As you work, your changes are saved automatically and your whiteboard is added to the list of whiteboards in the space. You can go back to edit it and share it with others.

Using Whiteboards

Get the most from your whiteboarding experience:

  • You can create whiteboards in a space, anyone in the space can then choose to view or edit them.

  • You can also use whiteboards in a meeting, you can create or open an existing whiteboard, and then share it on the call so that everyone can view it.


Select the space, and click Content. Then select Whiteboard and click New whiteboard.


Use the following whiteboard tools:

  • Pointer/Selector tool Whiteboard pointer—click the mouse button on an area on the whiteboard, and drag the mouse to select items on the whiteboard. When you select the items, you can choose from the following actions: bring to front, send to back, copy, paste, duplicate, and delete.
  • Drag/Move Whiteboard drag—hold and drag the mouse button to move items around the whiteboard canvas.
  • Pen tool Whiteboard pen—hold and drag the mouse button to draw a line with the pen. Double click on the tool to change the thickness and color of the pen.
  • Magic pen Whiteboard magic pen—when you select the pen, click the magic pen to make lines or shapes you add with the pen tool automatically smoother and straighter.
  • Eraser Whiteboard eraser—hold and drag the mouse button to erase any annotation on the whiteboard.
  • Stickies Whiteboard sticky notes—when selected, click on the area you want to add sticky notes. Drag the note to the place you want, and select the color of the sticky note. Click the + button to add another sticky note.
  • Text Whiteboard text—when selected, click on the area you want to add text. You can select the color, format, align, and choose the size of the text from these choices: small, medium, large, x-large.
  • Shapes Whiteboard shapes—select a shape from the following: circle, square and diamond. When selected, drag the shape to the area you want to add the shape, and resize. You can fill the shape with color. When you right-click the shape, you can choose from the following actions: bring to front, send to back, copy, paste, duplicate, and delete.

Use the following whiteboard controls:

  • Undo Undo button—click to undo changes made to the whiteboard.
  • Redo Redo button—click to redo changes made to the whiteboard.

In the minimap located at the bottom right of the whiteboard:

  • Hide Hide button—hides the minimap view. Click again to reopen the minimap.
  • Zoom to overview Zoom to overview button—zoom to the width of the area where participants are making edits.
  • Zoom in/out Whiteboard zoom controls—controls the view of the entire whiteboard area.

You can also use keyboard shortcuts to zoom in and out of the whiteboard area:
  • CTRL +/- for Windows.
  • CMD +/- for Mac.

This is a Cisco product- for more information see https://cisco.com/go/webex

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