L&S Electronic Device Form

L&S Electronic Device Form
Prior Approval for Purchase of Personal Computer and Other Electronic Devices

The goal of this procedure is to assure that information technologies provided to or underwritten for College of Letters and Science faculty or staff meet a reasonable test for business use if paid from UW administered funding sources.  Many, if not all, of these same technologies are offered to the general public,and it is important to avoid even the impression that any State employee enjoys free personal use of what other citizens would be expected to provide and pay for themselves

Depending on the funding source, the Business Office will verify with funding authority (i.e., RSP or Grad School accountants) the allowability of the purchase on the funds requested.  Alternate funding may be required if the request is determined to be unallowable.

Examples of such IT devices includes, but is not limited to:  desktop, laptop computers, tablets, iPads, e-readers, recorders, mp3 players, mobile phones, printers, external hard drives and other similar devices which might also be purchased and used by the general public.

The principal test will be whether the equipment or service will be used exclusively for business purposes that benefit the institution, with the possible incidental benefit to the individual.  If UW-Madison funds are used to purchase mobile/communications device, the equipment will belong to UW-Madison.

For ALL Electronic Devices - Requestors must explain the exclusive business need for the item--including how its use will benefit the institution's teaching, research, or service goals.  By signing this PC and Electronic Device Form, the requestor will be stating explicitly that the item being purchased will be used exclusively for business purposes, that any remaining fraction representing personal use will be borne by the requestor, and that the required policies have been read and accepted

When business purposes are completed or terminated, all University-owned equipment and software must be returned to the department for reallocation or proper disposal.


1. L&S prior approval required of all Mobile or off-Campus electronic device requests.

2. Department prior approval required for department assigned desktop computers that are funded with non-sponsored funds.

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