Webex App - Admitting Attendees into a Locked Room

Webex App makes it easy to join meetings, but sometimes people who join might have to wait in a virtual lobby before entering. You can choose who you want to let in and who you want to keep out.


People may need to wait in the lobby before joining your meeting in these cases:

  • If the people who are trying to join aren't on the calendar invite.

  • If it's a scheduled meeting or Personal Room meeting that's locked.

  • If the people who are trying to join by phone don't know their attendee ID or enter the wrong one.

For more information about how guests can join the meeting if they don't have a Webex account, see Join a meeting as a guest.


When you open the meeting participant list you'll see who's currently waiting in the lobby.

How to Admit Someone into your Meeting

In the notification that you get when people are waiting to join the meeting, click View List to see the people list and choose who you let in.


Under Waiting in the lobby, do one of the following:

  • To let in individual people, click Admit Admit next to their name or call-in user number, if they joined by phone.
  • To let in everyone who's waiting, click Admit all.

If the meeting is locked, you can also unlock the meeting to let in everyone who's already waiting and allow others to join automatically. See Lock or Unlock Your Meeting in Cisco Webex.

This is a Cisco product- for more information see https://cisco.com/go/webex

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