Webex Meetings: Difference between "Meet Now", "Schedule Webex Meeting", "Personal Conference Meeting" and "Schedule Personal Room Meeting"

There are different types of meetings: "Meet Now", "Schedule Webex Meeting", "Personal Conference Meeting" and "Schedule Personal Room Meeting".

Open Outlook Desktop application- Mac or PC

Webex Meetings desktop application when installed on the MAC will place one icon on your menu bar-Cisco Webex.

For the PC you will see two icons -Meet Now and Schedule Meeting.

If you do not see these icons on your Outlook Desktop then either Cisco Webex Desktop application is NOT installed on the machine or Outlook was not closed for at least 20 minutes after installing Cisco Webex Desktop application.  

Mac Cisco Webex, is in the far right corner of Outlook Desktop.

Outlook Webex Meetings on Mac

Mac example below for types of meetings from the drop down menu of Cisco Webex. 

Selecting Schedule Webex Meeting


Window-PC example below for types of meetings. 

Meet Now on PC and Schedule Meeting are where the meeting options reside.

Meet Now on PC

Meeting options on PC

Meet Now

Need to hold a meeting now? The Meet Now command is a simple way to start instant meetings.
You can start instant meetings from your Cisco Webex site using the Meet Now command or in your Outlook Desktop Application. By default, instant meetings that you start with the Meet Now command are in your Personal Room. If you don’t want to use your Personal Room for instant meetings, turn off the Use Personal Room for all my instant meetings option in the “Meet Now” Settings section of your Preferences. (PC)

Once in the room you can go to the Circle menu navigation bar and select three dots icon and choose Invite and Remind. To send someone an invitation to your personal room, type in any email address and press Send. You can also give them your nine digit personal room number and they can enter this into the Webex Join box at uwmadison.webex.com or enter prxxxxxxxxx (pr and your nine digit number) and enter it into the Join box on Cisco Webex Desktop Application starting window.

Circle navigation for invite and remind

Invite and Remind

Cisco Webex Desktop Application starting window

Cisco Webex starting screen -desktop application


Schedule Webex Meeting

This is a virtual conference space with it's own unique room. As a host when you schedule the Webex Meeting you need to Start the meeting from either your calendar, email invitation or by going to the Cisco Webex Desktop starting screen and click on the calendar icon to find the meeting date and time.

Under Schedule Meeting for PC you can select from the drop down Schedule Webex Meeting.  

Under Cisco Webex icon for Mac you can select from the drop down Schedule Webex Meeting.

A "Scheduled Webex Meeting" always has it's own unique nine digit number and is password protected. The password and meeting room number is embedded in the Join Webex Meeting link in an email invitation.  The only time the meeting number and password is needed is if the attendee does not click on the Join Webex Meeting link.


Schedule Personal Room Meeting

A personal room is your own virtual conference space and it is always available and you never have to book it. But you can schedule a meeting in the future in your Personal Room. The advantage of scheduling meetings in your personal room is you never have to leave the room when the next meeting starts in your personal room. However, this means, unless you lock your room, others can come into an already occurring meeting. Your personal room always has the same nine digit number. To find this number launch your personal room- Meet Now- and go to Meetings, in the menu, and Meeting Information. You can also locate your personal room meeting number from the browser by going to uwmadison.webex.com. Login and then select the tab My Webex. If you do not see My Webex, click on the arrow above your initials or image to display the tab options.

Click on Preferences, My Personal Room, and not the nine digit number after the PR


Schedule Personal Conference Meeting (PC only) 

A Personal Conference account and number allows you to quickly start the audio portion of a Webex Personal Conference meeting. If necessary, you and your participants can join the online meeting, which is started along with the audio portion of the meeting: 

  • Integrated audio and Web meetings.
  • Ad-hoc Personal Conference meetings from any phone.
  • Scheduled Personal Conference meetings.

You can set up to three Personal Conferencing accounts in your preferences.

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