InterPro - Online Learning - Student Engagement During Live Web Conferences

Successful live web conferences rely on active participation. This document outlines the different ways that students can engage with and respond to presentation material.
  1. Audio or Video interaction:  More info: Audio and Video
    An image of the mute button and start video button in Zoom.
  2. Post in the Chat. Students can interact with everyone or send messages only to the instructor.  More info: Chat
    An image of the Chat icon in Zoom
    An image showing the Zoom chat dropdown displaying options for Everyone in the meeting and Bucky Badger as the host.

  3. Raise Hand or Use Reactions - Students can use Raise Hand to notify the instructor they have a question or wish to speak. They can also reactions to visually respond.
    An image of the Zoom reaction tool displaying the Raise Hand option along with other non verbal feedback options

  4. Respond to Poll Initiate a poll for feedback on specific questions. More info: Polls

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