UW-Madison G Suite - Transition from WiscList to Google Groups

This feature is being piloted currently and may not be available to you. Communication will go out Mid-March to campus technical partners.

Completing this will change the list for everyone so make sure you have discussed this with other administrators and reached a consensus on when to migrate before proceeding.

Step 1: Go to the management page for the list you would like to migrate on the WiscList Admin site: https://admin.lists.wisc.edu

Step 2: Click the 'Validate Email Addresses' button in the yellow box at the top. This will check for emails it won't migrate and provide one of 3 reasons

  1. 'Alternate of another email address' EG. bbadger@wisc.edu and bucky.badger@wisc.edu are one in the same so it will return an error for bucky.badger@wisc.edu if both are present
  2. 'Invalid email address' EG. bbadger@doit.edu will error as doit.edu isn't configured to receive mail.
  3. 'Invalid UW-Madison G Suite email address' EG. bbaagderss@wisc.edu is misspelled and an email address we don't recognize in a domain we host so it won't be migrated.

Step 3: Review email addresses that won't be migrated and fix any you would like to be migrated automatically.

Step 4: Click the 'Migrate List to Google Group' button to:

  1. Create a Google Group with the same name and security/moderation settings
  2. Copy all administrators and members to the Google Group excluding the ones who failed validation above
    • Internal members will have their email addresses converted to their netid@wisc.edu address and will continue to accept mail from alternate addresses
    • External members will not have their name present in Google Groups.
  3. Set administrator to No Mail on the WiscList
  4. Remove all members from the WiscList
  5. Set the WiscList to forward to the Google Group by adding it as a list member. When WiscList fully transitions on 9/1/2020 @lists.wisc.edu will route to Google Groups and continue to deliver mail.

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