WiscIT - Update a Business Object (One-Step Configuration)

This document explains how to configure the Update a Business Object step in the WiscIT One-Step Editor
Image of the Update a Business Object Step in the Cherwell Editor

The "Update a Business Object" step will modify the fields of the business object that is within your current scope. For example, if the one-step was run on an incident, it would modify the fields of that incident unless the scope was changed at some point in the one-step.

When used in conjunction with logical steps (e.g. Decide Between Cases), it can be a powerful tool to update an object conditionally.

Configuring the Step

  1. Add the step by dragging it into the one-step editor.
  2. In the "General" tab, give the step a descriptive name, and then select if you would like to have the incident reloaded before running, and saved after running. Please note that if a required value is cleared and the incident is then saved, that you may be thrown an error message during operation of the one-step.
  3. Go to the "Fields" tab.
  4. Example of the General Tab in the Cherwell Editor
  5. Modify any of the fields on the business object that you would like. Please see WiscIT - Modifying Fields (One-Step Configuration) for more information on using the field editor.
  6. Example of the Fields Tab in the Cherwell Editor

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