Microsoft Teams - Creating and Joining a Team

How to create and join a team.

Creating a team/Joining a Team

Creating a team
  • Navigate to the Teams tab on the left and click the “Join or create a team” button
  • Click the “Create team” button
  • Choose a name for the team and whether the team is public or private
    • Private: only owners of the team can add members
      • Owners will need to share a join code in order to add members to the team
      • Members of a private team may request to add other members, but the team owners must approve the request before the member is added
    • Public: both owners and members can add members directly to the team, without needing to share a join code.
  • Add members to the team by typing their names, clicking them when the pop up, and clicking “Add”
  • After adding members, you can change whether they are a member or an owner
  • The team should now show up in your teams tab (see the KB on creating channels to learn more about team channels).

Joining a private team via a join code
  • Joining a private team is a process that needs to be started by one of the team’s owners
  • An owner should navigate to the Teams tab and click on the three dots next to the team they want to add a member to
  • Click manage team
  • Instead of clicking “Add Member” here, click settings
    • The “Add Member” function for private teams can be buggy, so to be safe, we will add members by sharing a code
  • Under the settings tab, click “Team code” and click “Generate”. This will generate a join code that owners can send out to anyone they want to add to the team
  • To then join a team via code, navigate to the teams page and click the “Join or create a team” button
  • Enter in the team code under “Join a team with a code"
Joining a public team
  • Navigate to the teams tab and click on the three dots next to the team you want to add a member to
    • Members and owners can do this within a public team
  • Click manage team
  • Click “Add member”. From here you can add members to the team without needing to send out an invite code

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