Microsoft Teams - Decluttering (Editing/deleting chats, hiding chat straings, channels, and teams)

How to declutter Microsoft Teams.

Decluttering in Teams (Editing/Deleting chats, hiding chat strains, channels, and teams)

Editing chats
  • Navigate to the message you want to edit.
  • Hover over the message, click the three dots that pop up, and click edit.
  • Here you are able to completely edit your chat.
  • To submit your edited chat, click the check mark.
  • To discard your edit, click the “X” (this will keep your message the same as before you began to edit it).
  • Edited chats will simply say “Edited” above it in the chat.
Deleting chats
In Teams you can only delete your own messages, you cannot delete others'.
  • Navigate to the message you want to delete.
  • Hover over the message, click the three dots that pop up, and click delete.
  • A message will pop up confirming that the message was deleted.
  • For a brief period of time, you are able to undo that action and restore the message.
  • Everyone else in the chat does not see any indication that the chat was deleted, other than the message disappearing from the chat feed.
  • On other users’ messages, you are only able to mark the message as unread, copy a link, or use the immersive reader. You are not able to delete other users’ chat messages.
Hiding chat strains
In Teams, you’re not able to delete a chat strain with someone. You are, however, able to hide a chat strain, which will act as a temporary deletion of the chat (without deleting any of the messages).
  • Navigate to the “Chat” tab and find the chat strain you want to hide.
  • Hover over the chat strain and click the three dots next to the chat that pops up. Click “Hide” to hide the chat strain.
  • To restore the chat/continue chatting, search for that user’s name in the search bar and click on their name.
  • This effectively “restores” the chat strain to your feed and keeps all old messages.
Hide a channel or team
The purpose of hiding channels or teams is to declutter your Team feed, as to only show the channels and teams that are important to you/that you actively participate in. Hiding channels and teams will not delete the channel/team, but simply “tuck them away”. Hiding teams/channels does not affect the notifications you get regarding these teams and channels.
  • Navigate to the teams page and find the team you want to hide.
  • Click on the three dots next to the team you want to hide and click hide.
  • After hiding a team, it will appear under the “Hidden teams” folder at the bottom of the teams page
    • Clicking on “Hidden teams” will show a list of all hidden teams.
  • To stop hiding a team and show that team in your normal team feed, click the three dots next to the team and click “show”.
  • To hide a channel, navigate to the team in which the channel is located and click the dots next to the channel you want to hide, and click hide.
  • Now the channel will appear as a hidden channel; within that specific team.
  • To show hidden channels, hover over the hidden channel text and click the arrow.
    • This shows any hidden channels for that team.
    • Click “show” next to any channels you want to appear visible within that specific team.
    • Afterwards the channel will appear as it once was, directly visible within that specific team.

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