(WHS Archives) EAD -- Appendix B. Entity Codes

HTML entity codes used by WHS for EAD finding aids

Appendix B. Entity Codes

The following have been used by WHS

& ampersand &
* asterisk *
: colon :
… ellipsis ...
“ left quote mark
” right quote mark
" straight quote marks " [no longer used by WHS] "
# number sign #
[ opening bracket [
] closing bracket ]
½ ½ [no longer using] ½
à a with a grave accent à
á a with an acute accent á
ç c with a cedilla ç
è e with a grave accent è
é e with an acute accent é
í i with an acute accent í
ó o with an acute accent ó
ñ n with a tilde ñ
ó o with an acute accent ó
ö o with diaresis ö
ß ett sett [small letter sharp s] ß

For additional entity codes see: http://www.ascii.cl/htmlcodes.htm
Most of the entity codes will be under the "Latin-Extended A" section but a few may be found under "Latin-1 Supplement" and "Latin-Extended B" or further down the list in "General Punctuation". Click on the appropriate list from the above choices, then click on the link for "links without images (fast)" or "links without images (slow)." Scroll through the list until you find the desired entity; if the list indicates "control" do not use that--keep looking . Click on the link for that entity; this will take you to a page with an image of the symbol and a list of encodings. The code you want is "HTML Entity (decimal)" [if should start with an ampersand and number symbol [&#] and end with a semi colon [;].

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