Archiving AAE Course Evaluations (comments and averages)

Instructions to archive AAE Course Evaluations into PDFs.
  1. Login to HelioCampus AC

  2. Select Surveys-->Surveys
    Menu -> Surveys

  3. Click Add Filter --> Term

    Add Filter

  4. Select the term for the course evals you are processing (e.g. Spring 2019)

    Select term

  5. For either Recurring TA - End of Term or Recurring Faculty - End Term, click the down arrow next to Manage and click Results


  6. Click the Expand triangle next to Agricultural and Applied Econ, and the expand triangle next to each course.

    Expand triangles

  7. FOR EACH section of EACH course, click the down arrow next to results, then RIGHT-CLICK on View Results, and select Open Link in New Tab

    Open link in new tab

  8. Go to the newly opened tab, and select Export->PDF

    Export to PDF

  9. Save the PDF file in U:\Courses\Evaluations\<SEMESTER> <YEAR>  (U:\Courses\Evaluations\Spring 2019)
    • Use the file naming convention <COURSE NUMBER> - <LECTURE/SECTION NUMBER> - <PROFESSOR/TA>  (215 - 001 - Conroy.pdf  or 343 - 301 - Feng.pdf)

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