InterPro - Teaching Resources for Instructors - How to Create and Share Your Course Material

This document explains how you (instructors) will create and submit your course materials, in advance of teaching a Professional Development course for Engineering Professional Development (EPD).

Creating New Course Material

  • If you are creating new course material, Engineering Professional Development (EPD) encourages you to use our instructional templates.
  • Already have your material in a different template? No problem. EPD's Course Material Production Team can convert your existing files to our template.

Updating Past Course Material

  • EPD requests that you use our archived version of past course's material as a starting point if you will be making updates
    • The course's Program Director and Program Support have access to the archive and can share a link with you. If you are ready to work on your course material before a link has been provided please let us know.

Reusing Past Course Material

  • If you have no updates and wish to reuse your material from the last course offering simply communicate this to the course's Program Director and Program Support. There is no need to resubmit the material.

Submitting and Uploading My New/Revised Course Material

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