Cloudcheckr Service Overview

An overview of the Cloudcheckr Service provided by Campus Public Cloud Team

Cloudcheckr is a multi-cloud Cloud Management system we support to help customers of UW Madison's Public Cloud service best optimize their cloud use.

It provides a unified cost and security management platform for utilization management, inventory, continuous security and compliance auditing across UW public cloud environments.
The CloudCheckr solution provides comprehensive visibility into a cloud environment including usage details, resources, multi-accounts, services, configurations, logs, permissions, changes and more. CloudChecker then analyzes that data to intelligently optimize your cloud environment.
CloudCheckr cost reporting is not expected to match our costs 100% because our pricing is based on the Internet2 Net+ agreement and not directly the commercial pricing that CloudCheckr uses.
**CloudCheckr is only used for billing usage and potentially security review, for accounts hosted for UW using DLT/TD Synnex (DLT1 and DLT3).

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