Guide to the L&S Admin Gateway Changes

Here is a quick guide to the changes that have been made (or are ongoing) within the L&S Administrative Gateway website. Many are small changes, but a few are larger.

Website Style & Theme Change: The "theme" of the website is now consistent with the modern UW theme on other UW sites. This makes documents and topics easier, and more accessible, to read. 

Welcome Paragraph: This is simply a new addition that welcomes users and briefly explains the purpose of the site.

Quick Links: This module has been moved from the right side to the center. In addition, there have been more commonly used and important general documents added. 

News, Top Documents, Most Recently Updated Documents: These modules have been shifted down on the main page and the amount of documents listed have been reduced. You may click on “More Top/Recent Docs” to see the full 25 document list. 

You may also click on the upwards facing arrow near the title of the module in order to "hide" it. If you hide it, your personal computer will save this as your preference each time you log in. This is true for any of the modules on the page. 

Gateway Author Tools/Resources: This module has been moved from the right side to the bottom part of the center content. We have also updated the Style Guidelines for L&S KB Authors document and the L&S KB Document Creation Basics (formerly named Getting Started in Administrative Gateway). Please make sure to read through these thoroughly before editing and creating your documents as there are new requirements and information.

L&S Social Media Tab: In the L&S side module, we added a link that will take users directly to a document managed by Strategic Communications & Advancement that lists all L&S social media resources.

L&S Office Resources Module: This section has notable changes. First of all, the Human Resources & Payroll and Student Academic Policies links have been turned into their own right side modules, making those widely-used resources more visible and accessible to users. All of the documents formerly in those two left-side links have been transferred to their respective right side modules. 

Secondly, the Office Resources module is now a Topic Tree Side Module. When users hover over the links within the module, a list of subtopics will appear next to it, allowing the user to find what they are looking for in less clicks! Besides some condensing and renaming of subtopics, this module is organized the same way as before. 

Audience Dropdown Menu:  As an additional search tool, we have added an “Audience” choice drop-down menu next to the search bar. While authors create their documents, they will be able to mark the most relevant audiences. If a user is searching, they can click what type of audience they are, and the documents they will search for will be filtered through that.

Favorite Documents Module (Internal Users Only): One of the features on KB is saving documents as favorites so that you can have quick access to them. We created an internal module on the right side where you should be able to access documents that you mark as favorites. For a detailed description on how to do this, look at the KB User's Guide page on Managing Your Favorite Documents 

Inactivated Unused Topics: There were about 10 different sub-topics that were never tied to a document, or had not been in multiple years. These sub-topics were marked inactive to clear up the topic tree/side modules. If you find that you need a new topic or the reinstatement of an old sub-topic, please reach out. 

Overall, we wanted more clarity, consistency, efficiency and different ways of searching on the site. Thank you all for being patient throughout the changes. If you have any comments, ideas, questions, or concerns please do not hesitate to reach out to Maryellen Pawley (maryellen<dot>pawley<at>wisc<dot>edu), Lisa Tew (lisa<dot>tew<at>wisc<dot>edu), and/or Elaine Klein (elaine<dot>klein<at>wisc<dot>edu).  

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