How to Add Auto Printing Service Accounts to Outlook Desktop in Windows 10

In order for auto printing rules to carry over for these service accounts, they must be added in a certain way. As it stands, if people's netids are linked to the service account, this will not work if their personal email is on the desktop. It will work if they have only the service accounts on the desktop, however. Here is the process:
If this person already has their personal account set up and they need it removed, follow this process FIRST: If not, skip these steps and move to the next process.

1. Type "control panel" in the windows searchbar in the bottom corner of the screen and hit "enter."

2. search "mail" in the top right corner of the popup.

3. "Mail (Microsoft Outlook 2016)" should pop up. Click on it.

4. Click on the "show profiles" button.

5. The outlook profile should already be selected. Click the "remove" button.

6. Click "yes"

This will allow you to start fresh in setting up the outlook desktop profile. 

Setting up the Outlook Desktop Profile:

1. Search "outlook" in the windows searchbar in the bottom corner of the screen, and hit "enter."

2. An option to add a profile name may come up. The name here does not matter, feel free to name it whatever. If this option does not come up, continue to step 3.

3. Enter in the email of the service account you are trying to add, and then replace the "@" sign after library with "_", and replace the "." between "wisc" and "edu" with an "@".
For example, if the email you are trying to add is "" you would change it to be "". It is very important that the account get added in this way, as it is the only way that the rules get carried over.

4. There will be a popup to enter netid credentials. Enter credentials in this format:

Username: serviceAccountName_library (example - memcircprint_library)
Password: The service account password. If you do not know this password, please contact your supervisor. If the supervisor does not know the password, please have them contact LTG. 

5. Click "log in" and the account should now be added. If this is the only account you need, feel free to click "done." if you would like to add other accounts, repeat steps 2-4 using the same format, do this until you have added all necessary accounts to this profile. There will be an option to "add another email address" in the middle of this screen, and that is where you will enter the email.

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