WiscWeb - Edits Not Showing Up

From time to time, WiscWeb users may experience issues with page caching, such that new edits to a page are not appearing or old edits are now reappearing. There are many factors that can contribute to page caching issues, including settings in the browser, server, and/or CDN.

When you experience issues with page caching, we ask that you please run through the following steps on your own first, so that we can rule out issues related to the browser:

Step 1: Clear browser cache

The most common issue with page caching is that the browser cache needs to be cleared. Clearing the browser cache is different depending on which browser you are using. We suggest following the steps in this doc: Clearing Browser Cache and Cookies

Step 2: Perform a hard refresh of the page

After the cache is cleared from the browser, we highly recommend performing a hard refresh on the page. This process will help force the browser to load the most recent version of the page. 

Windows/Linux: Hold down the Ctrl key and press the F5 key on the keyboard

Mac: Hold down Cmd and Shift keys and then press R on the keyboard

Step 3: Clear page cache from page list view

In WiscWeb, pages can be cached for up to 3 hours. Therefore, you may just need to force WordPress to clear the cache for the page in order for your new edits to take effect.

**We recommend only completing these steps for individual pages that were recently updated and require immediate changes. It is not intended to be run on all pages of the site in succession. 

  1. Navigate to Pages in the dashboard
  2. Search for the page that you recently edited
  3. Hover over the page title and select "Purge from Cache" option

Step 4: Restart computer and browser

If you are noticing that your page cache has still not cleared, please shut down your computer and restart. Then, open a completely new browser session.

WiscWeb troubleshooting

If you have run through these steps and are still experiencing the issue, the caching problem might be something unrelated to your personal browser cache. In those cases, our team will need to be contacted for more thorough investigation into the issue. For this, we request that you please prepare the following:

  1. Make note of the browser name and version you are using
  2. Make note of when the issue started occurring (date and time)
  3. Make note of the steps above that you have tried already to remedy the issue
  4. Make note of your IP address (Google "what's my IP")
  5. Take a screenshot of the results in your network tab when attempting to load the page:
    1. Right click on the page and choose the "Inspect" option
    2. This should open a window towards the bottom of your browsing window. 
    3. Select the Network tab
    4. Refresh the browsing window
    5. Take a screenshot of the content that appears in the Network tab

When you have this information ready, please send an email and include everything you have found: help@doit.wisc.edu 

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