DARS/Faculty&Staff - Request a batch of individual DARS audits for multiple students


Steps staff take to request a batch of individual DARS audits for multiple students.


Below are the steps for requesting a batch of individual DARS audits for multiple students

Request a batch of individual DARS audits

Staff (faculty, advisors, authorized student workers) may request a batch of individual DARS audits by following these steps:

Step 1:

Step 2:

Login with your NetID.
NetID login

Step 3:

Select the "Create Batch Request" link on the left side of the screen.
DARS page with circle around Create Batch Request link

Step 4:

Type or paste student Campus IDs into the box.
Campus IDs long form field

Step 5:

If you would like to give your batch a name to more easily identify the batch, type the name into the "Batch name" field.
Batch name field

Step 6:

Select from the available Processing Start Time options:
  • Select "Overnight processing" if more than 100 and up to 1000 campus IDs.
  • If you need to run a batch larger than 1000 campus IDs, or a batch of more than 100 campus IDs during business hours, select "When Started by DARS administrator" and contact dars@em.wisc.edu.
  • Select "Immediately after submitting" if your batch contains up to 100 campus IDs.
Processing Start Time selection options

Step 7:

Select from the available Output options (one or both may be selected.)
Output Options selections
If you don't see the Analysis tables option and would like this functionality, contact the DARS administrator at dars@em.wisc.edu.

Step 8:

Enter your batch settings:
batch settings including School, College, Degree Plan Name, Catalog Year/Term, AltCatYr1, Honors Options, and Include Courses From
A. Select School, College or Population.
For example: If you have a list of L&S students and would like to run a batch of all of their assigned L&S degree programs and certificates, leave the "Degree Plan Name" field blank.
In order to maintain the students' assigned Catalog Year and Alt Cat Year, which determines the proper year's requirements for each student, do NOT change the "CatYr" or "AltCatYr" fields.
However, if you do need to edit the "Catalog Year/Term" or "AltCatYr1" fields for testing or analysis purposes, remember that you put the academic year of four characters followed by 1, 2 or 3. One corresponds to fall, two to spring, and three to summer term.
If thinking in SIS terms for the academic year of 2019–2020, the conversions are as follows:
  • 1202 = 20201 = Fall 2019
  • 1204 = 20202 = Spring 2020
  • 1206 = 20203 = Summer 2020
After you have selected all of your options, click Continue.
Continue button

Step 9:

Use the Batch Parameters Confirmation page to confirm your settings and selections. You can select "Edit Request" if you need to make any changes. 
Batch parameters confirmation screen

Step 10:

After confirming that all settings are correct, click Submit.
submit button

Step 11:

You will be brought to the View Requested Reports screen.
Once the batch is finished, click the expandable row with the arrow on the far left of your request.
batch info table with circle around expand arrow and pop up of screen that gets extended

Step 12:

To view an individual audit within the batch, find the desired report and choose the Interactive Report or the single-column Text Report.
interactive Report and Text Report

Step 13:

If you wish to generate a two-column PDF, select the checkbox next to the student's name and then scroll down to the PDF or email drop-down at the bottom left of the grid.
circle shows selection and another circle around the expansion arrow next to PDF or Email column
From this grid, you can also select the checkbox to the left of the name field if you wish to select all reports in the batch.
circle around selection that shows batch selection

Step 14:

If you choose PDF, you can open the two-column PDF file or save it to your computer. 
If you choose email, a one-column report will be sent to your @wisc.edu email account.

Step 15:

If you scroll over one of the column headers in the grid, you will see a drop-down arrow appear.
Click the drop-down arrow to view sorting options.
circle shows dropdown menu next to Plan column

Step 16:

You can select two different sets of criteria to sort the results in the particular column you have chosen. If you choose two sets, you can select AND/OR in the drop-down between the two blank dialog boxes.
circle around settings within Shows Rows Where option in dropdown menu

Step 17:

If you wish to copy information from the grid, for example a Campus ID, you must right click and choose copy. The Crtl+C keyboard shortcut will not work in the current grid layout.
campus ID highlighted with a right-click popup and mouse hovering over Copy
If you have questions regarding the batch audit features or authorizations, please contact dars@em.wisc.edu.

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