Catalog Year and L&S Degree Requirements

The following section discusses how the date of matriculation for L&S undergraduate students will impact the degree requirements they must fulfill in order to earn a degree in the College of Letters & Science.

Students who enroll in their first college or university-level degree program (or, "matriculate") after May 21, 2007, will be held to the degree requirements described in the most recent Guide. Students who matriculated prior to May 21, 2007, are expected to complete the degree requirements that were in force at the time they entered college or university study. (Catalogs from prior years may be found online in the Archive.)

In some cases, it may benefit continuing and/or transfer students to complete the degree requirements described in the current Guide. These students will be allowed to "opt in" to this set of degree requirements. Regardless of the set of degree requirements students choose, they must complete al requirements in the chosen set, and may not "mix and match" components. These students are encouraged to speak with their assigned advisor for more assistance.  Students may also consult their DARS or an academic dean (Room 101, Ingraham Hall) if they need assistance making this decision.  Students who matriculated prior to May 21, 2007, and are interested in "opting in" to the 2007 Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science (BABS 2007) degree requirements will find more detailed information by going to requirements in the Guide.

Contact the L&S Academic Dean's Office with further questions: 
Phone: (608) 262-0617

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