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This document provides advanced settings for recording and exporting with Explain EDU

Advanced Explain EDU settings

To obtain the best possible recording, adjust your Explain EDU settings to correspond to those listed below.

First, access the project settings in Explain EDU
  1. Click on the three dots in the top right corner of the Explain EDU workspace
    Click on the three dots to access the Settings menu
  2. The General Tab allows you to adjust the layout of the Explain EDU workspace and change other similar settings. 
    • Toggle "Display on-screen taps and gestures" on if you want to record your movements within the appToggle on Display on Screen Taps

  3. The Export tab allows you to adjust export settings.
    • Under Video Set the Resolution to the highest available (typically 2048 x 1536) and the Quality to Best
    • Set File format to MP4
    • Make sure Include audio is toggled to on
    • Make sure Include slides without recordings is toggled to on
    • Adjust the duration of Slide without recording if needed
  4. Set Export Settings
  5. The Record Tab allows you to adjust additional settings 
    1. If you plan to use the Front or back camera to record, set these to the highest settings available
    2. Set Frames per second to 30
      Set Record Settings in the Settings Pane

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