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As of June 27, AEFIS has been rebranded as HelioCampus AC (Assessment & Credentialing). For more information, review this KnowledgeBase document. Learn@UW-Madison Staff will be updating KnowledgeBase documentation throughout the summer to reflect changes to navigation menus in HelioCampus AC.

This document describes how to check that courses are assigned to evaluations. HelioCampus AC (formerly AEFIS) department administrators should check this each semester.

Are Courses Assigned?

Departmental and school HelioCampus AC administrators check the following in Surveys before the start of any course evaluation, and especially for end-of-semester evaluations.

If your department/college has set their HelioCampus AC survey schedule(s) to repeat every semester, then a new survey instance should be ready for assigning courses. If not, you will need to create a schedule for this semester. For additional information, see Create a New Survey Schedule.

Once your HelioCampus AC survey schedule is established, consider the following:

  • Pending Status: Surveys will maintain a status of Pending until the activation date is passed. The status will then change to Active. This date is always at least three days before the survey start date.  
  • Assign course sections: Confirm you have assigned course sections for course evaluation surveys. In surveys, select +Add a filter and choose Owner then Department, which will show you all surveys you own and have access to assign courses. You may also want to select +Add a filter and choose Term and select the correct term. The # Sections column indicates how many sections have been assigned to the respective surveys. A zero would indicate no sections have been assigned. (The # Participants column will remain zero until the day the survey begins.) For additional information, see Assigning Course Sections to a Survey
    Survey Instance homepage
  • Deadline for assigning course sections: Remember, instructors receive an email three days before an evaluation starts. This means course sections must be assigned a minimum of 4 days before the course evaluation begins.
  • Exclude instructors: If your survey form has instructor-type questions, you can exclude instructors that should not be evaluated. For more information, see Excluding Instructors from Questions. NOTE: You do not need to exclude any course section directors (SIS Supervisory Instructor role) because HelioCampus AC will not include them in the evaluation.
  • Start Date: There are several thingsto check once the evaluations start. For more information, see What to Check when the Evaluations Start.

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