LTG Templates: Welcome to the Library - IMPORTANT Computer Basics you should know

Hello and Welcome to the UW-Madison Libraries

This message is for all library staff using our Library Technology Group (LTG) supported Tier One and Tier Two computers.  It includes some reminders about the basic care
and feeding of our various computers and what you can do to insure the most stable and secure computing experience possible.    All of the information here is available via the Library Technology Group Knowledgebase (LTG KB) located here: 

If you are likely unclear about the difference between a Tier One, an Enhanced Tier One or a Tier Two computer, please click here for a brief


Now that you know the difference, here are some of the issues and practices associated with each.    

Tier 1

  • Power:  
    The main issue with Tier One machines is to NOT power them off at night.     We push out upgrades, patches, reloads and other changes during the early morning hours and machines must be powered on in order for these changes to work.  Tier One machines are set up with screen savers and power savings mode so there is little need to actually power them off unless you're rebooting to correct a failing machine.
Tier 2
  • Power:
    Power these machines off at night if you like.   We turn them on at 5:00 a.m. everyday to push any updates we may have.
  • Menus:
    Always launch applications from the "Start" -> All Programs -> "Library Applications" menus.  The set of applications provided through these menus are centrally managed and updated and only by using these menus will you receive updates, patches and other necessary changes.
  • Shortcuts:
    Do not create shortcuts on your desktop to applications that are provided from our "Start" -> "Library Applications" menus.  These bypass our menus and can leave you with outdated software and potentially conflict with upgrades.
  • File Storage:
    • Q: drive  --  The Q: drive is your personal, network, storage area.  Nobody else has access to files stored there and they are backed up nightly.  We strongly encourage staff to save any files you wish to retain to this location.
    • R: drive  --  The R: drive consists of "shared" folders.  Typically folders are set up here for departments, working groups, etc. and if you're a member of that particular department you will have access to the folder.  You should use the R: drive for storing files you wish to share with other members of your "share" group.
    • C: drive  --  This is your local computer hard drive.  While applications are loaded here, we strongly discourage saving any data files that you wish to retain here (word processing documents, spreadsheets, images, html, etc., etc.).  Any files on the C: drive will be lost if your computer hard drive fails or we need to reload your computer with a fresh image and operating system.
    • Desktop  --In Windows you have a desktop available to you when you have logged into your workstation. This is the window or screen where the Recycle Bin icon and other shortcut icons appear, and which appears when you have all applications minimized or nothing else open.  You should not store documents and other files on your desktop.  Use the Q:/ drive or R:/ drives instead.  Should you store files on your desktop, you will slow down the amount of time it takes to log in and out of the workstation, and you risk losing the files if the workstation is reloaded.  Your Desktop is tied to your local computer profile and a different login will have a different Desktop.
  • Additional Software:
    Many of you need to use software that is not provided through our "Library Applications" menu.  You are free to purchase and load such software, and LTG can assist with this as needed.  Please note however, that in the event that we have to reload your computer you are responsible for insuring that any data files are safely stored on your network (Q:) drive and that you have the media to reload the software.
  • Login Hours:
    Due to frequent early morning server work and maintenance, Tier 2 accounts are blocked from logging into our network between 6:00 and 7:00 am.
  • Appropriate Use:
    Though the Library system does not have its own appropriate use policy at this time, staff should consult the University of Wisconsin-Madison Information Technology Resources policy at: 
If you have questions, comments, concerns about any of these issues or practices, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Mitch Lundquist
Manager of Computer Operations
Library Technology Group
University of Wisconsin-Madison
728 State Street
Madison, WI 53706
mlundquist @
IM: MitchAtLtg

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