HelioCampus AC - Eval Survey Schedule - Changing Administrator's Name for Survey Schedule and Instance (Admin) [UW-Madison]

This document describes how to update the "administrator" contact field for ongoing HelioCampus AC survey schedules when a new admin starts.

Why would a former administrator continue to receive email notifications for a survey schedule or instance?

Survey schedules are linked to the department admin who created the schedule. When a new admin starts, they should update all ongoing schedules to use their email. New administrators should also ensure they are listed as the department's Academic Contact (HelioCampus AC - Eval - Setting an Academic Contact (Admin) [UW-Madison]).

Changing Survey Administrator

  1. From the HelioCampus AC Dashboard, select the Main Menu icon.
    HelioCampus AC hamburger
  2. Select Survey Schedules
    Select Survey Schedules
  3. On the Survey Schedules dashboard, select +Add a filter, and then Owner.
    Select filter owner
  4. Choose Department or College (depending on the scope of your HelioCampus AC responsibilities).
    Select filter owner school or college

  5. Select +Add a filter, again. Then select Status.
  6. Next, select In Progress. (This way, you will only be viewing current, active survey schedules.)
    select filter status
All your In Progress survey schedules should now be displayed here. Note: You only need to update survey schedules that are scheduled to run every semester (look for the column titled Every Term). Make sure you make this change before the next semester is active and surveys have been created. If the next semester is active, it will NOT update existing surveys. If you haven't started assigning courses for the next semester, you could delete the associated surveys and proceed with steps below. 
For each survey schedule:
  1. Select Manage.
    manage schedule

  2. Select Un-Publish (blue button, upper-right). Only complete this step if the next semester is not active.

  3. In the resulting pop-up window, select Un-Publish.
  4. Select Details (in the left-hand navigation bar).
  5. At the bottom of the screen is the option Survey Schedule Administrator. Select the blue pencil icon to the right. (If the icon is not present, the survey schedule is still published. See above.)
    current survey admin

  6. Use the Search for a user field to find and select yourself.
    edit survey admin

  7. Select Save.
  8. Complete this step only if you deleted the current semester survey. Most can skip this step and go right to #9. Before publishing, go to Settings and select the current term. If you run this survey every term, also check to run this survey schedule every term.
    Screenshot of survey schedule settings

  9. REMEMBER: You must re-publish this survey schedule. Select Publish (blue button, upper-right).
Repeat these steps for all In Progress survey schedules.

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