Conflicts Between Mandatory Academic Requirements and Religious Observances

It is the University's policy that students' sincerely held religious beliefs shall be reasonably accommodated with respect to all examinations and other academic requirements. In order to meet this policy, faculty have been encouraged not to schedule such events on commonly recognized religious holidays.

Students have the right to reasonable accommodation in the timing of examinations and other academic requirements imposed on them, provided that the student notify the instructor of such a conflict within the first two weeks of class.

Instructors are not obliged to schedule make-ups before the regularly scheduled requirements.

Students who believe they have been treated unfairly should speak with the faculty member. If no resolution is found they should speak with the department chair. If no resolution is found they should speak with the appropriate person in the dean's office. If no resolution is found there, resolution may be sought through the Dean of Students Office (608) 263-5700.

Each semester's Timetable lists religious holidays for which this policy is applicable.  

Academic Calendar:

To view the Religious Observances Policy, please visit select the tab "Religious Observances" from the link above

For any further questions, please contact:

Steven M. Cramer - Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning
Phone: (608) 262-5246

Steven K. Smith - Office of the Secretary of the Faculty
Phone: (608) 265-4562

Argyle Wade - Division of Student Life
Phone: (608) 263-5700

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