Canvas - Linking to a Kaltura video from a Canvas course module

This document describes how instructors can link to a Kaltura video from within a Canvas course module.

Generally we recommend instructors embed Kaltura media in a Page or other Canvas item when possible as described in Canvas - Upload and embed a new Kaltura Mediaspace video in a Canvas page .

Linking out to Kaltura media from a Canvas course is not recommended because:

  • It's more work than embedding Kaltura media in a Canvas Page using the process described in Canvas - Upload and embed a new Kaltura Mediaspace video in a Canvas page.
  • It requires students leave Canvas.
  • It's not possible for instructors to use the Canvas Student View function to tell if their students will be able to see the media because it sends the students outside Canvas.
  • It can introduce access issues if publishing settings aren't set correctly. Publishing settings require making the video public. Links to "unlisted" media are also re-shareable and re-embeddable by viewers.
  • The analytics gathered on student viewing of your media will all be anonymous.
If you would still like to link to a Kaltura video from your Canvas course the easiest way to do that is via an External link from the Canvas Modules tool:
  1. Launch Chrome or Firefox and go to Kaltura MediaSpace: If you need more information on how to log in to MediaSpace please see Kaltura - How to Log in to Kaltura MediaSpace (UW-Madison) .
  2. Click your name in the upper right corner and select My Media from the drop-down menu:
    A screenshot showing the user having clicked their username in Kaltura MediaSpace. The cursor hovers over "My Media".
  3. Search for or scroll to the media item you want to link to. Click on it.
  4. Click Actions and select Publish:
    A screenshot showing the "Actions" drop-down menu. The cursor hovers over "Publish" which is outlined in orange to help draw attention to it.
  5. Select Unlisted from the publishing options. This will make the media item visible to anyone who has the link. Click Save:
    A screenshot showing Kaltura MediaSpace publishing options. The image shows the radio button for "Unlisted" has been selected and shows that "Media page will be visible to anyone with a link to the page."

    Note that videos whose publishing status is set to "unlisted" can be viewed by anyone! We have had instances where people have shared links to unlisted videos publicly so do not do this with copyrighted works.

    Also if your media is currently Published to a private channel you may want to reconsider setting the media item to "Unlisted" as doing so will un-publish the media item from all categories/channels. Kaltura will warn you and you will have to click "OK" if it is published to a category/channel. Lastly, you will not have student analytics in Kaltura MediaSpace on any media students are viewing with an "unlisted" link. Alternately you could publish your media to a channel set to "Restricted" which requires students to login to MediaSpace before viewing the media.

  6. Click the Share tab. If your browser window is narrow, you may need to click the Details button to get to the Share option. Click into the text under Link to Media Page and click Control-C on Windows or Command-C on OSX to copy the link:
    A screenshot showing the Kaltura MediaSpace "Share" page. The user is on the "Link to Media Page" tab and has clicked into the URL to copy it.
  7. Open a new browser tab and navigate to your Canvas course:
  8. From the Modules tool click the + button next to the module you want to add the link to:
    Screenshot showing a Canvas module with the cursor hovering over the + (plus) button which is outlined in orange to help draw attention to it.
  9. A new window will open - "Add Item to Module". Click the Add drop-down menu and select External URL:
    A screenshot showing hte user has clicked on the "Add" drop-down menu and selected "External URL".
  10. Paste the URL you copied from Kaltura MediaSpace in step 6 into the URL box.
  11. Add a Page Name.
  12. Check the Load in a new tab box.
  13. Click the Add Item button:
    A screenshot showing the Canvas "Add Item" window. Number callouts show #10 - "Paste the URL from Kaltura MediaSpace, #11 - "Add a Page Name", #12 - "Check the Load in a new tab box", and #13 - "Click the Add Item button."
  14. Consider trying the link yourself from an incognito mode window in Chrome to make sure it will work for your students.

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