UW-Madison Box - View account storage usage and limit

Beginning June 15th, 2020: All UW-Madison Box accounts and Project Directories will be subject to a storage quota. This document will show you how to view storage usage and limits for:

Individual UW-Madison Box account

  1. Log in to https://uwmadison.box.com with your NetID and password.

  2. Click on your account's initials located towards the top right corner of the window.


  3. Select Account Settings.


  4. Stay on the Account page and scroll down to the bottom of the page.


  5. Next to Account Details, you can view the amount of storage you are using and the quota under Storage Used.


  6. Example:
    • Storage Used: 625.5 KB
    • Limit/quota: 50 GB*

    *Note: The limit/quota is subject to change.

Project Directory folder

  1. Log in to https://uwmadison.box.com with your NetID and password.

  2. Click on the Project Directory folder.


    • Quick tip!
      A Project Directory folder can be identified by the folder owner's name. If the name of the folder owner starts with "Prj_", then the selected folder is a Project Directory. If the folder does not start with "Prj_", then the folder is not a Project Directory.
  3. Confirm you are viewing the Project Directory's parent folder, not a subfolder, to get an accurate view of the Project Directory's folder storage usage. Viewing the subfolder storage usage only reflects usage for that subfolder, not for the entire Project Directory.

    • Quick tip!
      Compare the folder name and the folder owner's name to determine if you are looking at the Project Directory's parent folder. If they match, you are viewing the parent folder. If they do not match, you are viewing a subfolder.
    • Example 1: Project Directory parent folder

      parent folder name: Test Folder
      parent folder owner: Prj_Test_Folder

    • Example 2: Project Directory subfolder

      subfolder name: Vacation Photos
      subfolder owner: Prj_Test_Folder

  4. Note: The remaining steps below assume you have access to and are viewing the Project Directory's parent folder. The steps below are not recommended for those who only have access to subfolders.

  5. On the right side of the window, look for the sidebar menu and click on the Details tab.

  6. Box_prj_sidebar.png

  7. Under Details > Size, you can view the Project Directory's storage usage but not the storage limit.


    • Note: The storage limit for a Project Directory is the same as an individual UW-Madison Box account, 50 GB limit.

Items counted towards your UW-Madison account storage usage

Counted towards your storage usage

  • Folders/files owned by your account.

Not counted towards your storage usage

  • Folders/files in your Trash folder.
  • Shared folders/files that are owned by a collaborator, not by your account
    • Example: If you are an Editor on a folder, the folder and its content will not count towards your storage usage.
  • Folders/files stored in a Project Directory.

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