Recording using CoE document cameras with Zoom, Teams, or other recording software.

Instructions to get the USB hub and CoE document camera working with collaboration software.

Web Collaboration Software, USB Microphone and Document Camera Rooms:

ECB 1003 (Room Microphone System)
ECB M1051 (CAE Lab)

EH 1227 (Room Microphone System)
EH 1249  (CAE Lab)
EH 1610 (Room Microphone System)
EH 1800 (Room Microphone System)
EH 2239
EH 2255
EH 2261  (CAE Lab)
EH 2305 (Room Microphone System)
EH 2309 (Room Microphone System)
EH 2321
EH 2341
EH 2345
EH 2349
EH 2355
EH 2535 (Room Microphone System)
EH 2540
EH 3024
EH 3032
EH 3239  (CBE LAB)
EH 3345 (Room Microphone System)
EH 3349
EH 3355
EH 3418
EH 3444
EH 3534

ME 1106 (Room Microphone System)
ME 1153 (Room Microphone System)
ME 1163 (Room Microphone System)
ME 1255  (CAE Lab)
ME 2106 (Room Microphone System)
ME 2108 (Room Microphone System)
ME 2121 (Room Microphone System)
ME 3121 (Room Microphone System)
ME 3126 (Room Microphone System)
ME 3127 (Room Microphone System)

MSE 265 (Room Microphone System)

Wendt Commons 311 (Room Microphone System)
Wendt Commons 312 (Room Microphone System)
Wendt Commons 324 (Room Microphone System)
Wendt Commons 410  (WisCEL) (Room Microphone System)

Possible software you can use for recording:

Which option should I use (Learn@UW):

Recordings in these rooms are at your discretion.

You will need to provide a laptop for the recordings, except the CAE labs.  In the CAE labs you will need to use the instructor computer for recording.
CAE labs will have the document camera, doc cam software, and microphone all ready installed on the system.

Connect USB hub to laptop

To connect your laptop to the USB system.  Locate the USB hub on the podium near the document camera. You will need to choose between the standard USB cable and a USB-C cable.  Check to ensure the cable you have plugged into your laptop is also connected to the USB hub.  The cables are color coded to help identify them.  The same colors need to be plugged in on both ends. (USB = Blue, USB-C = Orange).

usb hub

color code

Select Microphone

Once you have connected to the USB hub, you will have the ability to utilize the table-top microphone located on the podium (NOTE: please stand within 3-5 ft for optimal audio).  

In your software program select the appropriate microphone (there are a few brands we have deployed).


For rooms with a wireless audio system, you will be using a wireless transmitter pack that will provide asynchronous audio to both in person and remote viewers. When the USB is connected to your device, you can import the 'house audio' when choosing 'USB AUDIO CODEC' in either the software program or system preferences.

zoom USB

sys pref

Using a Wolfvision document camera (VZ-9.4L, VSolution Cam, ...) and sharing your screen

doc cam

Share your screen, don't use the camera as a default webcam

The goal here is to use the software below to display the connected document camera in full screen or near full screen. Then share your screen with the collaboration software. By sharing your screen you will get a high quality image sent to the participants. If you use the document camera as a webcam, it's resolution will be reduced and the quality won't be legible to the participants.

Windows Users:

You will need to install the Wolfvision Vsolution Link software before connecting to the web Collaboration software.  
You are going to use the Vsolution Link software to show the document camera.  Then you will need to share the document camera preview window on Collaborate.

Download the Wolfvision software from this UW Box folder:
This is a Windows only program at the moment.

Mac Users:

Mac users may get the document camera to show in 'Photo Booth' or another program. 
'Mirror Pro' is a nice program that costs a few dollars ($1.99) and works great showing the document camera full screen.

Once you have the software running, increase the size of the image on your desktop.

Watch this video and follow these steps to share the Wolf document camera.  
This software will work with Black Board Collaborate, Webex, Zoom or most web collaboration software.

Flipped Image in preview?

We have noticed in testing that doccam images will be flipped when previewing.  This is actually fine.  Most webcams are flipped so when you look at yourself, it seems correct like looking in a mirror.  This is what it's doing that for the preview.  I believe it should look correct on the remote end, at least that’s what we were seeing in testing.

Using an USB IPEVO document camera (with build-in mic)

These were checked out and are not present in classrooms (Fall 2020)

The IPEVO document cameras have a built in mic that you can use with Collaborate if you wish.  Just be aware that when you are playing with the camera the mic is picking up that sound and transmitting it to the connected guests.  I would suggest muting your mic in Collaborate before adjusting the camera, then un-muting to continue.

Connect the camera to your computer's USB port.

Watch this video and follow these steps to share the IPEVO document camera

Contact Engineering Media Services at (608) 890-3325 or if you experience any technical issues.

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