Official Course Information

Information about a course that has been approved by college and university curriculum committees. Course information that needs college and university curriculum committee approval includes changes to course numbers, titles, credits, prerequisites, descriptions or course reorganizations, grading, cross-list status, new courses or course deletions.

Definitions of Fields that could appear in the Official Course Information.

Course Description: The description of a course as approved by college and university curriculum committees.

Course Designations:
  • Level: Identifies whether the level of a course will be Elementary, Intermediate, or Advanced.
  • Breadth: Identifies whether a course counts toward the Breadth requirement for L&S BA/BS degree and specifies which part of the requirement it meets. Breadth disciplines are: Biological Science, Humanities, Interdivisional (does not satisfy any breadth requirement), Literature, Natural Science, Physical Science, or Social Science.  Note: A course could display two Breadth values.  Students will get credit for only one of the displayed values.  Please check your degree audit report and/or speak to your advisor to find out how either of these values (but not both) will be applied towards your breadth/degree requirements.
  • L&S Credit Type: Identifies whether a course meets the criteria for L&S BA/BS degree credit. Courses with a "C" designation type, count toward the L&S degree requirements. Courses with a "T" designation type, are only relevant to L&S students who matriculated to UW-Madison prior to May 21, 2007 and have not opted into the BABS07 curriculum requirements. For more information about the L&S degree requirements and the changes that occurred in 2007, go to College of Letters & Science BABS07 or Liberal Arts and Science "C" Courses or Non-L&S Courses and L&S Degree Credit.
  • Ethnic: Identifies whether a course counts toward the Ethnic Studies requirement. For more information go to General Education Requirements.
  • Gen-Ed: Identifies whether a course counts toward either the Communication requirement or the Quantitative Reasoning requirement for general education. The Gen-Ed requirements are: Com A (Communication Part A), Com B (Communication Part B), Quant Reasoning A (Quantitative Reasoning Part A), and Quant Reasoning B (Quantitative Reasoning Part B). For more information go to General Education Requirements.
  • Honors: Identifies whether a course is an Honors Only (for honor students only), Honors Level (unrestricted honors, open to all students) or Inst Approved (honors credit available, consult instructor) course. Be sure to check the individual sections of the course as Honors designations can be indicated only at the class section level within a term. For more information go to What is Honors?
  • Credit Range:
    Identifies the official course credit/credit range as approved by university curriculum committee. Students are not allowed to enroll for more or fewer credits than are indicated. A letter from the instructor does not give students permission to change credits as listed.

    Cross-listed Subjects: Identifies the list of subjects that are offering this course. A cross-listed course is the same course offered under more than one subject.

    Last Taught: Identifies the term a course was last taught. If this field is blank, then the course has never been taught (new or future course) or if it had been taught, the last taught date is unknown.

    Typically Offered: Identifies the terms a department plans to offer a course.

    Prerequisites: The previous background, class standing or course work needed to assimilate the material in the course.

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