HelioCampus AC - Eval Survey Schedule - Changing Department Ownership for Survey Schedule and Survey Instance (Admin) [UW-Madison]

AEFIS is now HelioCampus AC. For information about the HelioCampus AC rebrand, review this KnowledgeBase document

This document is intended for college and departmental HelioCampus AC (formerly AEFIS) administrators. It explains how to change the ownership of either a schedule or an instance.

All HelioCampus AC survey forms, schedules and instances have a specified "Owner". This owner is usually a department. This allows HelioCampus AC administrators to conveniently filter according to owner, thus thinning out any schedules or instances that belong to other departments.

Sometimes, this specified ownership is incorrect, and needs to be changed. Scenario: For HelioCampus AC administrators who oversee multiple departments, every new survey schedule defaults to identifying the first department, based on alphabetical order, to be the owner. In the example images below, the survey schedule had been created with an owner of "Biology". The HelioCampus AC administrator would like to change the owner to "Genetics".

To change the owner of a survey instance, you must change the owner of the underlying survey schedule. (Explained below.) This will update all survey instances attached to the survey schedule.

Change the Owner of an HelioCampus AC Survey Schedule

To change the owner of a survey schedule:

  1. Log into HelioCampus AC.
  2. Click the HelioCampus AC Main Menu (or "hamburger") icon. 
    Heliocampus AC Menu Button
  3. Click Survey Schedules.
    Image shows HelioCampus AC menu with survey schedules selected
  4. Locate the survey schedule that needs to be given a new owner. (In this example, notice that the first survey schedule is currently owned by the "Biology" department. We will change it to the "Genetics" department.)
    Department owner field
  5. Following that survey schedule line-item to the far right, click the arrow beside the Manage button.
  6. From the drop-down list, select Edit Owner.
    Select Edit Owner from dropdown
  7. In the resulting dialog box, use the drop-down field to select the new owner department.
    Select new department from dropdown
  8. Click Save.

We now see that the survey schedule has been reassigned to the "Genetics" department.

New Department Owner Field

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