Examity - Enabling Examity in Canvas (Instructor)

Before using Examity, please contact instructionalcontinuity@provost.wisc.edu with “Examity” in the subject line to discuss important considerations around piloting the tool.

This document outlines how instructors can enable Examity in their Canvas course.

    Examity is available for use in all time-table courses. It is not available for use in non-credit or non-timetable courses. To use Examity, you must add the external tool link to the Examity Service in your Canvas course shell by following the steps outlined below.

    1. Navigate to the Canvas course in which you plan to use Examity.
    2. Click on Modules in the left hand navigation bar.
      Canvas course site with module link highlighted
    3. You must add the Examity Service link to a module in your Canvas course. It does not matter which module contains this link, although it should be easily accessible to students as they will access their exams by clicking this link. This action only needs to be performed once per course. You have two options for adding the Examity Service link to your course.
      • You can create a new module by clicking the +Module button, and titling the new module Examity.
      • You can add the Examity link to a module that already exists.
    4. After you determine in which module you want to add the Examity Service link, click the add item + button in that module. 
      Canvas course site with plus sign button highlighted in the module
    5. Select External Tool from the drop down menu.
      Adding an external tool into a Canvas module
    6. In the list of external tools, scroll through the list and select Examity Service.
    7. Select the Load in a new tab option.
    8. Click the Add Item button. 
      Steps to get the examity external tool added into Canvas
    9. After the link is added, make sure you publish the module and link as outlined in this Canvas documentation.
      • A published module and link will have a green check mark next to it.
        published module and link with green check mark
    10. Click the link to confirm that Examity has been added in to the correct module and that it is configured correctly. 
    11. Now that you’ve enabled Examity to work with your Canvas course, please see Examity - Adding an Exam to Examity (Instructor).
    This screencast shows, step-by-step, how to enable Examity in your Canvas course site.

    If you need further assistance, please reach out to UW-Madison's Examity support email UWMadisonSupport@examity.com.

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