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How to reserve AAE Rooms or Equipment from Outlook

How to reserve rooms in Outlook

You can reserve a room or equipment from Outlook (either with web or desktop app).   The concept is that you "invite" the resource to a meeting, as if it were a person.

  1. In Outlook, you create a new meeting by clicking on the Calendar icon in the lower left:


  2. Click New Meeting  (New Event in the web app)
    newmeeting_desktop.png newevent_web.png

  3. You will be adding the resource you wish to reserve in the Required box (Invite Attendees on the web). You can also add other attendees you wish to invite to the meeting, or you can simply have only the resource.

  4. You can add a resource in two different ways - you can search using the name, or put in the email address.  The list below shows that information for each resource:

    Office 365 Resource Name
    Office 365 Email Adddress
    AAE Kristjanson Rm113 Conference
    AAE Taylor-Hibbard Rm103 Multi-Purpose
    AAE Graf-Groves Rm215 Conference
    AAE Chair's Conference Room
    AAE Bakken-Schaars RmB30

    searc_email_desktop.png search_email_web.png

    search_name_desktop.png search_name_web.png

  5. Add any other attendees you wish to the meeting, and then click Send


You will receive an Accepted, Tentative, or Declined email back once the reservation has been processed.

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