Creating a repeating request in OccuTrack

Instructions on how to create a new request that repeats for building access in AAE OccuTrack.

  1. Navigate to - NetID login is required.

  2. Navigate to the date you wish to request using the arrow buttons

    Arrows for navigating dates
  3. Fill in a purpose.  Simply type Research for regular research work.  If requesting access for other reasons, please describe them.
    Purpose form field

  4. Fill in the room number where you will be located.  For MOST people, it will be your assigned office number such a B17, 301, 220, etc.  For staff who may be in multiple locations, list the room numbers separated by a comma.
    Room number form field
  5. Enter the time span for the request.  This form can only had one contiguous time span per request.

  6. Select the repeat checkbox.

  7. Select the day(s) of the week you wish to repeat the request for.

  8. Select a month to repeat thru, or select a custom date.

    Repeating options for a request

  9. If you wish to hide your name from others using this app (only Taylor Hall residents have access to this app), select the checkbox.   An icon will replace your name in the listing, but your room number is still visible.

    Privacy checkbox
    An example of a private listing

  10. Click Submit Form. 

    Submit Form button
    If ALL of the following criteria is met, you request will be automatically approved.

    • You requested only your personal office/group space.
    • Your requested time does not exceed 20 hours per week.
    • At no time in the span you requested will the capacity of a particular floor go over 25%.   Capacity numbers are as follows:
      • Basement: 7 people, 2nd: 7 people, 3rd: 11 people, 4th: 7 people, 5th: 2 people
    • At no time in the span you requested will the capacity of your personal office/group space go over 1 person (except for B4 and B17, which is 2 people)

    If ANY of the above criteria are not met, you will be notified of why it was not automatically approved.   At this time you may edit the request or request approval for the original request.  It is recommended that you alter your request to fall back into compliance with the criteria. 
    Approval for requests outside of the criteria above will be granted only in RARE circumstances

    An example of requesting approval

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