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Sync folders from local Mac to AAE File Share

Instructions on a simple method to quickly sync files/folders from your local Mac computer to the AAE file share.
This KB assumes you have setup your computer with VPN and have already connected to the AAE file share. Please see Campus VPN for Mac and Connecting to AAE Files - Mac
  1. Open up the Terminal app.    (Applications-->Utilities-->Terminal)
  2. Create a script file in an appropriate location.  The example below creates a file name "sync_to_aae.command" on your Desktop.

    nano ~/Desktop/sync_to_aae.command

  3. In the text editor, paste in the following lines, editing the SRC and DEST variables to be appropriate file paths:


    # ------------- fill in appropriate file locations below
    SRC=""      # example:  "~/Documents/myfolder/somescripts/"
    DEST= ""   # example: "/Volumes/aae/users/mynetid/fromcomputer"

    rsync -ar --progress $SRC $DEST

  4. Hit Ctrl+X, then Y to save it.

  5. type in chmod a+x ~/Desktop/sync_to_aae.command and hit enter

You now have an executable script on your Desktop that you can run to sync files.

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