Re-format AEFIS exports of AAE Class Evaluations (Professor)

Step 2 in compiling AAE Professor class evaluations. Involves reformatting the results and putting in a PivotTable

** Be sure to complete Step 1 - Export AAE Results from AEFIS before proceeding to this step **

** For Professor Evaluations - if processing TA evaluations see Re-format AEFIS exports of AAE Class Evaluations (TA) **

  1. Remove the Top 6 rows of the results Excel document

    Delete top rows

  2. Rename Sheet1 to Raw
  3. Insert-->PivotTable

    Insert PivotTable

  4. Use the default range for the PivotTable - it SHOULD be the entire sheet/table

    PivotTable range

  5. In the PivotTable fields dialog, select Question

    Select Question

  6. Change the following questions to the indicated values:

     Original Question
     New Question
     Were the classes clearly organized and well prepared?  Q06 - Class Organized
     Were the classes interesting and thought provoking?  Q07 - Lectures Interesting
     How useful were the readings?  Q08 - Useful readings
     How well have the examinations and other assignments measured your knowledge of the course material?  Q09 - Exams Indicative
     How would you rate the difficulty of this course in comparison with your other University courses?  Q10 - Course Difficulty
     How fair were the grading procedures?  Q11 - Grading Fair
     How responsive or helpful did you find the instructor?  Q12 - Prof Helpful
     Would you recommend this course to a friend?  Q13 - Recommend Course
     Overall, how do you rate the quality of the instructor's teaching in this course?  Q14 - Prof Quality

    Change questions

  7. In the PivotTable fields, click the down arrow next to Question

    Arrow next to Question

  8. Click Sort A to Z

    Sort Question A to Z

  9. In the PivotTable fields, click the down arrow next to Question again
  10. Uncheck any questions that don't start with Q - click OK

    Uncheck Questions

  11. In the PivotTable fields, check Course, Instructor Evaluation, and Average
  12. Down below, drag Question into the Columns area.

    Drag Question into Columns

  13. Click the down arrow next to Sum of Average in the Values area and click Value Field Settings

    Value field settings

  14. Select Max in the Summarize value field by and click OK

    Select Max of Average

  15. Right-click on any course subtotal  (such as AAE 215: Total) and uncheck Subtotal Course
  16. Click on the down arrow next to Course down in Rows.  Click Field Settings

    course-field settings

  17. Select the Layout & Print tab, and select Show item labels in tabular form and Repeat item labels.  Click OK.

    Layout - Print Item Labels

  18. Uncheck SubTotal

  19. Right-click anywhere in the PivotTable, and select PivotTable Options

    Right-click PivotTable options

  20. On the Totals & Filters tab, uncheck both options under Grand Total

    PivotTable options
  21. Rename Sheet1 to PivotTable
  22. Add a New Sheet - rename it to Manual Table
  23. Highlight the entire PivotTable, EXCLUDING Max of Average and Question, select Copy (Ctrl +C)

    Highlight PivotTable

  24. Go to the Manual Table sheet, and Paste Values

    Paste Values

  25. Insert 2 columns between Instructor Evaluated and Q06 - Enrollment and Responses
  26. Fill in the appropriate values for the enrollment and survey responses for each course/section.  This information can be found in AEFIS Course Evaluation Analysis Report Summary (where you originally exported the Excel file in Export AAE Results from AEFIS )

    Insert columns

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