Unizin Engage - Authoring PDFs for Engage

This document provides a summary of a few best practices to follow when creating PDF documents to upload to Engage.

    Thumbnail image in Engage

    Include a cover page - the first page of the file will be used as the thumbnail image in Engage.

    Table of contents

    The "Chapters" tab in the top left of the content screen in Engage is populated by creating bookmarks in your editing tool (Adobe Acrobat or Microsoft Word). This is an example table of contents when viewed in Engage:

    A screenshot showing an example table of contents in Unizin Engage.

    Engage’s rendering process only recognizes bookmarks that are created at the parent level. To ensure all desired bookmarks are visible in the Engage Chapters menu, make sure your desired pages are bookmarked and represented at the parent level. Examples of bookmarks created at the parent level for the example document are the “Chapter 1- Counties” and “Chapter 2 - Cities” bookmarks in the screenshot below of the table of contents of an example PDF in Adobe Acrobat. The bookmarks that are darkened are below the parent level and will not render in Engage - Adams, Ashland, and Barron for example: 

    Screenshot showing a table of contents in Adobe Acrobat with the table of contents below the parent level darkened to represent the fact that they won't transfer to Unizn Engage

    • Create a bookmark for the cover page. Rename the cover page bookmark to “Cover.”
    • Be sure that the page numbers match what they represent on the actual pages of your file. Re-number pages appropriately, if needed.


    Proper margins are essential for an optimal viewing experience. For left/right margins, these should be set to at least 1” to ensure that text is not hidden by the page navigation arrows. For the top margin, these should be set to at least 1” to ensure the text is not hidden behind the top navigation bar.

    File size

    Instructors can upload files up to 15MB in size. Any file larger that 15MB should be shared with the UW-Madison eText pilot team. Contact us by e-mailing etexts@doit.wisc.edu and we will work with you to provide it to Unizin to render and provisioned it for the course and section.

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