Web Accessibility - Resources

Resources to test the accessibility of various technology platforms.

Anyone who works or writes for the web should be testing the accessibility of their online presence prior to publishing. In order to help build accessibility into your web design and publishing business process, consider the below recommended resources when looking for ways to make your content more accessibile.

Websites and Webpages

SSB Bart Group Accessibility Management Platform (AMP) - Testing tool that allows you to use a Firefox Toolbar, an Internet Explorer Toolbar, a desktop client, or the AMP online resource to run accessibility tests against your website. This tool allows for spidering as well as single page testing for public websites. NetID gated websites can be tested page-by-page.

Video Captioning

Media Transcription and Captioning - Service Description and Support ResourcesThis document provides information on Media Transcription and Captioning Services and explains how University of Wisconsin System and Wisconsin Technical College System users can access these services.

Media Transcription and Captioning - Contract Vendor Comparison - A side-by-side comparison of several features offered by both University of Wisconsin Contract Vendors for media transcription and captioning services.

Media Transcription and Captioning Resources through McBurney Disability Resource Center - The media Captioning Service through McBurney Disability Resource Center can assist instructors with captioning and transcripts for classroom related materials.

Adobe PDFs

Below are quick guides for using Adobe Acrobat Standard or Pro to create accessible PDFs.

Microsoft Office

Creating Accessible Word DocumentsThis article offers guidance on ways to create Microsoft Word documents to make them more accessible to users with disabilities. 

Creating Accessible Excel Documents - This article offers guidance on ways that Microsoft Excel workbooks can be created in a way to make them more accessible.  

Creating Accessible PowerPoint Presentations This article offers guidance on ways to create Microsoft PowerPoint presentations to make them more accessible to users with disabilities.

Mobile Applications

Creating Accessible Mobile Apps - This is a summary of existing and developing resources related to mobile web accessibility on the W3C website.

Creating Accessible Apps for Android OS - This is a summary of steps you should take to optimize the accessibility of your application for an Android OS experience.

Creating Accessible Apps for iOS This article offers guidance on for creating accessible iOS apps as well as a list of accessibility resources offered by Apple.


Java Accessibility Guides - This is a list of Oracle Java accessibility guides to help developers make their code more accessible.

JavaScript Utilities - These .js utilities support accessible design -
SkipTo.js - This script is a replacement for your old classic “Skip To Main” link. the SkipTo.js script creates a drop-down menu consisting of
 the links to the important places on a given web page. Download and Installation SkipTo.js.
Bootstrap Accessibility Plug-in - This plugin adds accessibility features to Bootstrap 3 to support keyboard-only and screen reader users. 
The plugin does not affect the visual layout or performance of your website. Download and Installation Bootstrap Accessibility Plug-in.

Accessible Carousel - Check out this example of an accessible Carousel using Bootstrap accessibility plug-in.


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