Web Accessibility Guidelines

Describes the guideline documents for web accessibility

University Web Accessibility Policy and Departmental Web Presence

This document explains why departments and offices on campus must adhere to the university's web accessibility policy.

The UW Web Accessibility Policy applies to "each department or University entity," which includes departments and offices that are a University entity.

The policy also outlines prioritization guidelines:

- Priority should be given to creating accessible Web pages for core institutional information such as course work, registration, advising, admission, catalogs, and student services information. Units with large Web sites containing core institutional information should establish priorities for ensuring access to these pages according to the pages being used or requested most often. For setting priorities to make legacy Web pages accessible, the following guidance is suggested:

A. The top 20% of Web pages most frequently used (e.g. that get the largest number of hits) should be placed in the first priority. 

B. Pages required for participation, funding, disability-related services and other key pages needed by people with disabilities, not already in the top 20%, should also be placed in the first priority. 

C. Each department or University entity is responsible for determining the top 20% of Web pages used and other high priority Web pages. 

D. Web pages specifically requested to be made accessible as part of a formal accommodation request shall be made accessible as soon as possible or an equally effective alternative shall be provided. Equally effective means that it communicates the same information in as timely a fashion as does the Web page. Undue administrative or financial burdens may contribute to a determination that alternative formats be used to provide the information to individuals requiring use of the information.

Section 508 Accessibility Guidelines - Read the background for the Section 508 Accessibility Standards

UW-Madison World Wide Web Accessibility Policy - Read up on UW-Madison's Accessibility policies to know make sure your digital presence is compliant.

Disability Types to be aware of when designing for accessibility: 

University Policy & Student Organization Websites 

This document explains why student organization websites must adhere to the university's web accessibility policy.

The UW Web Accessibility Policy applies to "each department or University entity," which would include any student organization that is a University entity.

Guidelines for content owners

These guidelines are for anyone who publishes material on the web.

  •  Accessibility for content creators checklist
    Use this document to get started. Contains nine starting points for organizing a web page, formatting text, labeling images, and providing captions and basic transcripts for audiovisual media.

Guidelines for users of content management systems

These guidelines are for users who publish material using a content management system such as WiscWeb CMS, WordPress, or Drupal. Little or no knowledge of HTML is needed to use these guidelines.

  • Accessibility for content creators

    Contains guidelines about organization, text, images, and audiovisual media. Only lists items that can be adjusted by users of content management systems.

  • [Link for document 50811 is unavailable at this time.]

    Contains specialized guidelines for users of content management systems who are creating forms or using frames.

Guidelines for web developers and webmasters

These guidelines are for web developers and webmasters who are familiar with HTML and have control all or most of the web service features.

  • Accessibility for Web Developers

    Contains advanced guidelines on organizing web pages, formating text, labeling images, and handling audiovisual media. Lists all the WCAG 2.0 guidelines related to those topics, including items that are not adjustable by users of content management systems. There are links to technical details published by W3C in the WCAG 2.0 guidelines.
  • [Link for document 50814 is unavailable at this time.]

    Contains advanced guidelines for web developers who are working with forms, frames, web applications, and advanced techniques. Lists all the remaining items in the WCAG 2.0 guidelines, with links to the technical details.

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