Tuition and fees for Guest and Senior Guest auditors

This document provides an overview of the tuition process for Guest and Senior Guest auditors.

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UW-Madison Guest and Senior Guest auditors


Guest auditors and Senior Guest Auditor Tuition and Fees

Senior Guest Auditor Tuition Waiver 

Admitted Senior Guest auditors (UGSR classification) Senior Guest auditors will not be billed for tuition but a $50 late enrollment fee may be assessed if not enrolled by the enrollment deadlines (usually end of the second week of classes). Tuition for Wisconsin residents age 60 and older is waived under the Wisconsin Statute 36.27(1)(b) and Regent Policy Document 4-10, Class Audit Policy.

Criteria for Wisconsin residency

An individual must have resided in Wisconsin for at least the 12 months before the beginning of classes.

Some of the factors used in determining residency include:

• having legal ties such as driver’s license and voter registration in Wisconsin
• having paid Wisconsin income taxes on all taxable income
• continuous physical presence in Wisconsin

Once you complete your application, if the Office of the Registrar Residency Office has questions, they will contact you via email.  If you have been a student in the past, they will contact you via your campus email.

Direct questions about eligibility for residency to the Office of the Registrar’s Residency Counselors, 333 East Campus Mall, Madison WI 53715-1384;; 608-262-1355,

Below is part of the State Statute that defines bona fide residence.


In determining bona fide residence at the time of the beginning of any semester or session and for the preceding 12 months the intent of the person to establish and maintain a permanent home in Wisconsin is determinative. In addition to representations by the student, intent may be demonstrated or disproved by factors including, but not limited to, timely filing of a Wisconsin income tax return of a type that only full-year Wisconsin residents may file, voter registration in Wisconsin, motor vehicle registration in Wisconsin, possession of a Wisconsin operator’s license, place of employment, self support, involvement in community activities in Wisconsin, physical presence in Wisconsin for at least 12 months preceding the beginning of the semester or session for which the student registers, and, if the student is not a U.S. citizen, possession of a visa that permits indefinite residence in the United States. Notwithstanding par. (a), a student who enters and remains in this state principally to obtain an education is presumed to continue to reside outside this state and such presumption continues in effect until rebutted by clear and convincing evidence of bona fide residence.

Guest Auditor Tuition and Fees Information
  • Admitted  Guest auditors (UGST classification) pay tuition based on Wisconsin residency status and the number of credits taken. 
  • Tuition for Guest auditors is set at approximately 30% of the University Special/Undergraduate student tuition rate (and approximately 50% for non-Wisconsin residents).For tuition information, please follow this link: select relevant ‘Term/Semester’ and ‘Student Career’ and select ‘Guest’. 
  • In addition to tuition, a $50 late enrollment fee may be assessed if you do not enroll by the enrollment deadlines (usually end of the second week of classes during a semester).
  • After enrollment, your eBill will be available for viewing under the Financial tab in your MyUW Student Center—you will not receive a paper bill. Pay your tuition on time to avoid the $100 late payment fee. 

Wisconsin Resident guest auditors tuition waiver with documented disability:
Under UW Board of Regents policy, disabled persons receiving Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Social Security Insurance (SSI) benefits and are residents of Wisconsin may qualify to Guest-audit courses with fees waived. 

  • If you are receiving SSI or SSDI, please send a copy of your benefits letter to our office after you submit your Guest auditor application. You can obtain a Social Security release of information form here. 
  • You can locate your nearest Social Security office here. Please indicate on this form that you want this information released in order to become a cost-free auditor at UW-Madison. 
  • After you successfully enroll in your course(s) as an auditor, email to have your fees waived. 
  • If you do not submit your Social Security benefit letter to Adult Career and Special Student Services Office (see contact info below) and if you do not contact us immediately after your enrollment, you will receive a tuition bill and possibly late fees. 

Guest and Senior Guest auditors do not pay segregated fees and therefore do not have access to a free bus pass, University Health Services, SHIP, or recreational facilities. It is possible to pay a Recreational Membership Fee to use campus recreational facilities.

*Glossary term

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