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Compensation and Economic Benefits Committee Minutes 3-30-11

CEBC minutes, March 30, 2011

Present: Dennis Ray, Beth Ann Workmaster, Miriam Simmons, Eliza Waters, Robert Purvis, guest Patrick Kass, Director of Transportation --
-Minutes from Feb. meeting approved 
-Evening Parking Program (Patrick Kass) 
◦ Wants feedback on plan 
◦ right now, about 70% of lots controlled after 4:30. No logic to which are and which are not. 
▪ change would reduce controlled after 4:30 to about 60% 
◦ If you have base permit, you could park on any of the surface lots at night. 
◦ ramps would be more controlled. 
▪ Control will be by gate and automatic ticketing 
◦ new types of permits (afternoon, night, night/flex) will be offered. 
◦ Guest passes will be phased into hourly passes during the next 3 years (instead of half- or full- day passes as it is now). 
◦ will improve the revenue problem, and better manage permits during the day. Also, meters lose money, as opposed to gates! Also don't need staff for gates. 
◦ Will be able to get better stats about permits and how many spots are left in a ramp 
▪ stats would be good for planning. 
◦ 3 years for payback for equipment installed. 
◦ Will be able to increase flex parking permits (in fact they will increase them this fall) because they'll be able to know when people are using the lot and not. 
◦ Timeline: May/June plan will be finalized. 
◦ Would like CEBC to endorse it (or tell them at least if we don't have a problem with it) 
▪ Only objection raised at the meeting is that people who have to stop in briefly for experiments might not have a free place to park close to where they need to be (after hours there is reduced bus service, safety issues, etc.) Issues will probably be over lots 20 and 17, for the most part. 
◦ Bus passes will be funded for next year. Talks will start again in the summer. A lot will depend on the federal transportation funding. Vice chancellor's office has made transportation whole for this year. 
◦ Report to ASEC about this? This is a different proposal from the original. We will send summary to ASEC. Miriam will send a copy of the relevant minutes and handout to Heather. 
 Discussion of ASEC's request about an AS personnel system. 
◦ Dennis suggested a list of things unresolved by CEBC that should be reconsidered in light of a Public Authority situation. Look at our charges from Sept. and see what we still have to do. Instructional staff leave, Category A caps, Performance Review best practices (see Ombuds website). 
 Beth will forward chancellor's response to ASA's questions (compiled by Dana). 
 Miriam will repond to ASEC about their request that CEBC take the lead on AS personnel system. She will also talk to PPPC to see what they have already done and are already doing. 
 Meeting adjourned. Submitted by Karen Tusack.

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