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Academic Staff Executive Committee Minutes 08-14-14

Approved 8-21-14
ASEC Minutes
2:00 – 4:45 p.m. Thursday, August 14, 2014
67 Bascom Hall

Members Present: Marwa Bassiouni; Bruno Browning; Trish Iaccarino; Sarah Kuba; Heather McFadden, Chair; Michael Moscicke; Robert Newsom; Kevin Niemi, Vice-Chair

Guests: Jenny Dahlberg, Sarah Mangelsdorf, Ian Robertson

The meeting was called to order at 2:00 p.m.

The minutes of July 31, 2014, were approved with corrections.

Announcements/Updates/Good Works

Kevin Niemi announced he is a Co-PI on a NSF grant which is starting a professional learning committee around outreach work.

Bruno Browning announced that a Chief of Staff was being hired in the CIO’s office and discussed the governance session that was scheduled for those candidates. He also mentioned that hiring was taking place for a Chief Campus Data Officer.

Michael Moscicke announced that the Joint Committee on Performance Management arrived at a compromise on the mid-point feedback. CSEC adopted it and is forwarding it to the Classified Staff Congress for its consideration. It will also be coming back to ASEC for feedback and the Assembly thereafter.

Jake Smith announced that he has completed his parliamentary course and is now prepared to serve in his role as parliamentarian for the Academic Staff Assembly and the Classified Staff Congress.

Guest: Sarah Mangelsdorf, Provost

Provost Mangelsdorf and ASEC went through introductions and discussed the role of academic staff in the university, including assembly function, districting, recent issues of the assembly, and recent issues for ASEC (e.g. joint committees, multiple roles, HR Design, CCF, job security).

Assembly Standing Committee Chair Reports

Compensation and Economic Benefits Committee co-chair Jenny Dahlberg stated that the CEBC would be meeting next Tuesday to discuss survey results. She expected that CEBC would have a report for the October Assembly meeting.

General Reports

Chair Heather McFadden announced that there would likely be an opening for an academic staff member on the WARF allocation board. Both the University Committee and the chair of the WARF allocation board agreed to add an academic staff member, and ASEC will finalize the details of this with the board.

Deputy Secretary of the Academic Staff Jake Smith reported that there would be presentations for the finalists for the Secretary of the Classified Staff candidates on Friday, August 15, and that ASEC members were welcome to attend and provide feedback on candidates. He also discussed the prospect of ASEC having a booth at this year’s benefits fair in October.


•    Survey results
o    Robert Newsom discussed recommendations from 2014-15 governance priority survey as well as wanting to focus on what issues governance can impact most effectively for future initiatives. Category A ranges, job titling, and a greater definition of climate were all discussed as possible items of inquiry.
o    Proposed modifications for next year’s survey include moving away from broader categories in favor of more specifics, looking at correlation between longevity and job satisfaction, and working with APO on themes of survey when implementing changes 

Guest: Ian Robertson, Dean of Engineering

Dean Robertson discussed the notion of having a Professor of Practice title available for individuals who bring practical knowledge to students from outside the university system (e.g. ambassadors, CEOs). The title would not be seen as a regular position but would be used for well-established individuals, with a possible trial period of 5 years with evaluation thereafter.

ASEC discussed the notion of a Teaching Professor title in relation to this. Dean Robertson agreed to meet with the deans, and Heather M. would meet with the other governance chairs, to discuss having a task force to look at processes for creating and implementing both of these titles.

•    Follow-up discussion on Professor of Practice title
•    Annual planning meeting
o    Items not to carry forward from the survey (i.e. issues that are non-governance)
-    Won’t focus on climate in general; if specific issues arise, those will be addressed
-    Won’t include parking
o    Carry forward discussion of compensation, job security, professional development for next week
o    Discussed use of data on job security for increase of rolling-horizon/indefinite appointments, as well as wanting to identify decision-makers on the issues discussed for the planning meeting
•    Liaison assignments
o    ASEC finalized its liaison assignments. ASEC also addressed the question of whether ASEC members should serve as liaison to a CASI in their own unit, and decided to allow this.
•    September Assembly agenda/ planning
o    ASEC would like to take the priorities document from last year to the Assembly and was asked to send any changes to Heather M. The agenda includes Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration Darrell Bazzell, Provost Sarah Mangelsdorf, and possibly academic staff civility legislation for consideration
•    Next ASEC Meeting, August 21, 2014 – for decision
-    Post progression review
-    Job Security
-    Guests: Steve Lund, Kathi Kilgore (Professional Development presentations)

Convened in Closed Session Pursuant to Wis. Stats. 19.85(1)(c), and (f) to discuss appointments (Moved. Seconded. Approved.)

Motion to send 3 names for consideration for the Labor Codes Licensing Compliance Committee. (Moved. Seconded. Not Approved.)

Motion to send a slate of 5 names for consideration for the Labor Codes Licensing Compliance Committee with a note stating that ASEC reserves the right to designate appointees. (Moved. Seconded. Not Approved.)

Motion to nominate Chelsea Anderson, Verda Blyth, Jason Lee, Steel Wagstaff, and Jason Weitzman for consideration for the Labor Codes Licensing Compliance Committee. (Moved. Seconded. Approved.)
Motion to appoint or nominate Carole Van Hulle to CEBC, Chris Schappel for Appeals Committee, Trici Schrader for the Distinguished Prefix Committee, Chris Bruhn for the Recreational Sports Board, and Carol Hermann for the Memorial Library Committee (Moved. Seconded. Approved.)
Reconvened in Open Session (Moved. Seconded. Approved.)

Meeting adjourned at 4:45 p.m.

Minutes submitted by Jake Smith, Deputy Secretary of the Academic Staff

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