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PPPC Meeting Agenda - December 2, 2015

Agenda for the PPPC meeting on December 2, 2015

PPPC Meeting 

Wednesday December 2, 2015
304 Middleton Building
2:30 PM


1. Secretary of the Academic Staff:  Heather Daniels will be joining us for the next few meetings to assist with triage and follow-up of agenda items, so we’ll start with a round of introductions.

2.  Adjusting meeting schedule for spring 2016 (Carol and Linda): Due to workload issues, we’d like to discuss whether the committee is comfortable meeting monthly rather than every three weeks.

3. Human resources representative as ex officio (Carol, Linda, and Heather): So many of the issues discussed by PPPC relate to HR policies and PPPC no longer has this expertise among its members. To assist with this gap in expertise, Carol and Linda talked with Heather about getting some input from HR on PPPC agenda items. Heather reached out to HR to discuss whether they would be willing to provide someone to serve ex officio on PPP and they are agreeable. We would like to discuss whether the committee would find having this resource to be helpful.

4. Follow up on previous agenda items (Carol and Heather): Carol and Heather met last week to review the pending agenda items for PPPC and discuss how best to move forward with those, including how to triage items before they come to PPPC and better defining the scope of the type of issues that PPPC should consider. Towards that end, we have some follow-up on agenda items from our last meeting:

a. Request for PPPC assistance from ASEC (Carol and Heather): This is a recent request from Heather D. regarding an ASEC term issue. ASPP (14.12.A.5.b) says that ASEC members are limited to two consecutive three year terms. The current language and the proposed revisions are still uploaded in Box.  Since specific language is being proposed, Heather will discuss with ASEC whether they wish to take the language to Assembly.

b. Distinguished Prefix Review Committee (DPRC) (Heather): We previously discussed committee membership issues experience by the DPRC. Heather will provide an update on how things are going with DPRC.


c. Nominating Committee (aka, Nom Com) (Carol and Heather): We previously discussed language in 14.12.A.7.b & C regarding when Nom Com is supposed to provide a slate of nominees according to a specific schedule. Heather will ask Nom Com to come up with specific language to address this issue, which can then be considered by PPPC.


d. Proposed revision to ASPP 11.05 (Carol): As previously discussed, Heather Daniels contacted the PPPC co-chairs regarding an inconsistency between language in 11.05 and state law regarding retention of personnel files following termination.  Heather will follow up with campus records management regarding next steps for addressing this concern.

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