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Academic Staff Executive Committee Minutes 04-27-17

Approved 5-4-17

ASEC Minutes
2:00 – 4:30 p.m. Thursday, April 27, 2017
55 Bascom Hall

Members Present:  Aaron Crandall, Jenny Dahlberg, Sarah Kuba, Mallory Musolf, Deb Shapiro

Guests: Megan Dzyuba, Patrick Sheehan, Jake Smith, Shelly Vils Havel

The meeting was called to order at 2:05 p.m. by Sarah Kuba.

The minutes of April 20, 2017, were approved.

General Reports
Secretary of the Academic Staff Heather Daniels reported that the Deans’ Council heard a report from Jenn Sheridan on the WISELI survey.  They may be interested in hearing a similar report on the academic staff survey.  The June ASEC meetings have been set for June 1, 5 and 29.  The UW System Academic Staff Representatives will be meeting with Mercer next week. 

Liaison Reports
Jenny Dahlberg reported that the Veterinary Medicine CASI will be holding a session in June on Academic Staff Professional Development grants.  Aaron Crandall reported that the SMPH CASI is gearing up for a town hall at the end of May with Brian Gittens, Associate Dean for Human Resources, Equity and Inclusion.  He also reported that the Campus Planning Committee will not be meeting again until the fall.

Motion to Convene in Closed Session Pursuant to Wis. Stats. 19.85(1)(c), and (f) to discuss appointment to Campus Collaboration Team for Title and Total Compensation Study (Dahlberg). Seconded. Approved.

Motion to Convene in Open Session. (Dahlberg). Seconded. Approved.


•    Appointment-for approval
Motion to appoint Ron Harris to the Title and Total Compensation Study Collaboration Team (Crandall). Seconded. Approved.
•    May Assembly Meeting Agenda
Heather reported that Kathi Kilgore will not be coming to present.  The “Resolution on Equitable Pay Minima for Category B Academic Staff” is likely to be withdrawn until a later time.  Motion to approve the agenda (Crandall). Seconded. Approved.  
•    June Assembly Agenda
Jake Smith reported that there are 40 Assembly Reps/Alts who are able to attend a June 5th Assembly meeting starting at 3:30.  ASEC will not decide on calling a June meeting until it is clear that there will be timely business that needs to be acted on.
•    Academic Staff Priorities Meeting
ASEC had some preliminary discussions regarding this meeting and what they wish to do for the next year.  There was no official action on the priorities that were developed for the current year.  It was suggested to look at past survey results to see what issues need to be addressed beyond those that will be included in the Title and Total Compensation Study.  The Secretary’s office will work on compiling these and bringing them back to ASEC in late May.
•    Draft Letter to Mercer
ASEC reviewed a draft letter that contained sections on promotional steps and compensation structure.  ASEC would like to add a third section on Peer Institutional Benchmarking.
•    Topics for Provost
Dean’s Council Meeting with Jenn Sheridan and WISELI survey
Thoughts on working with Marsha Mailick and Laurent Heller to address research administration issues

Recessed at 3:12

Reconvened at 3:30

Guest: Laurent Heller, Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration
Laurent Heller participated in a study similar to our current Title and Total Compensation Study at UC-Berkeley.  That study had the practical goals of getting job titles that make sense to the outside world; moving towards job titles and job families; and providing the ability to compare current titles to market data.  These are the same goals for the study here. 

In his experience at UC-Berkeley, it wasn’t a perfect system once it was implemented.  Things will get better, but some things may not work as we expected them to.  It is important that the process be responsive to staff.

Vice Chancellor Heller would like to come back to ASEC with slides he has prepared around what other revenue avenues are available for growth at UW-Madison.  These include things like summer expansion, 131 programs, enrollment mix, and capital campaign.

Guests: Patrick Sheehan, Shelly Vils Havel and Megan Dzyuba, Office of Human Resources

Shelly shared that they had been looking for a performance management system for the past two years.  The company that was initially selected ended up not being a good fit for the campus.  The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education created their own system, and it meets the requirements that campus was looking for.  It will automate the manual tracking systems that are needed today.  It allows for each division to keep their existing processes including use of particular documents.  The supervisor starts the process, and the employee then can enter their information.  The evaluation can either be done online or by uploading documents.  The system uses NetID and password to login.  The program website is

Meeting adjourned at 4:37 p.m.

Minutes submitted by Heather Daniels, Secretary of the Academic Staff

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